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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I got to watch Boys Over Flowers now, on TV too.

Thanks so much, KBS2 : D

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i'm back
Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back from the trip and just got my exams results. I'm so happy everything is fine!!! 

Will post pics as soon as I found my cam, I don't think I remember where I put it, can't think straight because I got train-sick (how weird!)

I love you guys *kisses*

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so did y'all miss me?
Sunday, February 1, 2009

Probably no one hey? Heheh I'm joking, I know my ladies are not that mean. 

This blog has been so dead. I ignore it because I have to work hard on the other one, besides laziness is taking over : ( But today I woke up earlier and I'm excited so here I am again!!!

I had quite a nice Tet. Those previous ones weren't completely cool because I always counted down the days til I had to go back to school and it sucked a lot, we only had like 8 days off and it was not enough to rest or enjoy ourselves. This year I'm in uni and it means the break lengthens to almost a month. So I had time for myself to read, write reviews, download stuff and hang out with Ann. 

The first day of Tet was real fun. In the morning I got a lot of lucky money, then in the evening we went to the spring flower square. They did a good job this year because everything looked simply gorgeous. I especially adored the huge watermelon with designs on it. I took a lot of pictures, will post later for you guys : ) The second and third day was okay. I was sick because of pollen so I didn't do much, just lying down and watching stuff until my head started spinning again. On the fourth day I and Ann and her sister went to Gloria Jean's for some coffee. I didn't like the coffee (I'm not a coffee person and whip cream ruined it all T.T). I also had Tiramisu for the first time and it didn't turn out real good. I still love it tho,  because the name is super awesome ^^

So what else is good? Guess what? We're going to the beach again!! This time a newer, further place and cooler too. I'm really eager to start out trip, which, if according to plan, will start on Wednesday. I hope to have an awesome vacation!!!

Oh and last but not least, I decided to write again. Seeing everyone write makes me feel enthusiastic and this time no more fanfictions, I'm a little bit tired of them.

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