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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love you sister. I just want you to know that hehe


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Friday, November 28, 2008

My uncle and aunt went to shop for my laptop today, I didn't know if they found the right one but I'm so excited T___T it's gonna be great. I've never owned a laptop in my life before. Now I can write whenever I want, and whenever as in in my bed lol, I won't have to fight with Dad and Mum for the comp at weekends either and it'll be easier to do Computer Science homework cos I can take it to school. Above all, it's very personal. My Dad sometimes browses through my files and makes fun of me bcos I listen to Korean music and stuff, and he keeps asking about the stories I write too >_< Anywho I don't think my baby will come to me any soon cos no one is nice enough to offer to bring it to VIetnam, Mum said I had to wait till next Jan or latest March. Then someone will take the laptop and my books and my shoes to me as well. Hurray! Speaking about books, Ann said she wanted to buy me some this week but my Aunt didn't let her cos she thought it was a waste T_____T Grr, like her son's Ipod and cellphone are so essential. I'm so pissed. I ran out of books to read (excluding ebooks). I had to go buy more Marc Levy next week, and some book for Debbie as a Christmas present too. I'm excited!!! We're gon go out together that day and I'll be able to enter a church (not a big deal to you but I'm Buddhist so no churches for me T.T)

I'm starting the one shot for Secret Santa now. It sucks because I don't know where to start. Oh and I just read Strange Bedperson by Jenny Crusie. That woman is the BOMB! Her stories are always sweet and sexy. You cannot but fall in love with the male lead. Last time it was I'm-the-con-man-so-you-won't-be-able-to-resist-me Davy and now it's ihavetomakeyouheadoverheelswithmebuthatemeatthesametime Nick.

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rough translation of 1tym msges

Except Jin ; (

Danny: Happy 10th year anniversary! I really miss you a lot! I really love you a lot! Thank you!

Baekkie: Happy 10th year anniversary - Thank you - Please be healthy, everyone.

Teddy: I'm always thankful. I will work hard on music. Please watch over us/look after us until the end/to the end!

I wish they could have written something less random lol 10 yrs is something HUGE right? Anywho the people @ Garden did something amazing, I so want to own one of those lovely goodies, esp the mug/tee T____T

Credits to Jane<3

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try these ;)
Thursday, November 27, 2008

A book giveaway which will give you books of your choice ^^ the total must be under 30$
Happy Thanksgiving<3

And a pack of six YA books donated by Penguin
and happy readding<3

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soft and sad
Monday, November 24, 2008

My two favorite songs from Beethoven Virus and East Of Eden OST

Jang Geun Suk - Can You Hear Me?
Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) - I Red Bean I

This is kinda random but...I love Geun Suk! He does perfectly in those i-love-you-but-you're-too-clueless-to-even-see roles lol, first in Hong Gil Dong, next Doremi, and now Beethoven Virus. Seriously, he should be the main guy in that music drama, the other looks bleh and doesn't seem to be any interesting. Geun Suk playing the trumpet reminds me La C'ordo Doro Primo Passo, my favorite guy in the anime played trumpet too, and he was in love with a violinist. Too bad she rejected him T.T

And yeah, I heart Davichi too ^^ their voices are so strong and emotional. I think they gotta work harder on stage presence tho, they're always so shy and uncomfortable. I'm a lil bit sad Min Kyung got surgery, I mean, she didn't look THAT bad, she was pretty actually. She looks older now *sighs*. Oh well, at least she sings beautifully.

One more random thing, I don't know it's true but it's really crazy studying in Korea. I read this article yesterday and they said if you wanted to get into university, you shouldn't sleep more than 5 hours a day. For REAL? If I lived in that country I'd have died already ;( No wonder hubby failed the graduation exam (you loser hahaha jk). Speaking about university I hate my class staff. Stupid showing off intensified people, esp that class secretary. Who do you think you are? Talking to us as if you're any superior. Creating class email then saying the password is for staff only? Like I'd like to have it. Gimme a break, please.

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You just have to love this little girl ^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I love it when she leans onto her Dad/Mum when she's tired, it's just damn sweet T___T
I hope she won't be a spoilt brat wen she grows up tho, heard that they indulge her like crazy.

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I <3 giveaway books
Saturday, November 22, 2008

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and we start a new journey together

Guess what ladies? Me and Nai are going to write a joint fic!!! Surprised, surprised? I hope you are. We're really excited to write even though we have yet found time, I mean, university schedules are real heavy and Nai has to work too T__T

So the story is about the YG men with Simon D, Dokki and Esens as our very special guests *coughsSHAMELESSADVERTSINGcoughs*. We're kinda tired of gangsters/hobos fics so this time it's all about high school. Who doesn't love high school hey? The main couples we have so far are (the third person is in the bracket):

Teddy and Helgi
Nai and Esens (Wu)
Bee and GD
Tia and DaeSung
Maika and Simon D (Tempo)
Me and Seung Hyun (Dokki)

And we worked on some character too, I don't wanna ruin the fun so I'mma reveal just a bit about this ;) There're two highschools. YG men, Nai, Bee, Helgi, Tia and me go to the first one. The second one is the territory of JF and Maika (we're gon add some more girls to be with Maika later okay?). The schools have been rivals for years bcos of insertsomedramahere. Things got complicated when students from this school fall for ones from the other; Esens follows Nai and Wu gets mad about it even he's nothing to her, Dokki and Seung Hyun fights all the time, then Maika and Nai hate each other, and we get some drama in store for GD and Bee too.

I'm in charge of creating Nai's character and she mine. I think I'm gonna make her a lil bit different this time. She's usually loud and agressive but in this she isn't. Of course Nai won't be innocent and clueless, she's just fierce in a different way. Her name in the fic is Na In. Na In is Jinu's sister and she lives with an awful Dad. Her Dad cheats on her Mum so the poor woman gets sick and passes away. After that he vents all his anger on Na In, beating her whenever he wants to. Her brother doesn't help her, he just stares every time his sister's abused. Jinu is not any better than his Dad, he treats his girlfriend like shit too. Na In grows up in such surroundings that she starts to lose trust in men. She's defensive and quiet. She never dates. If any guys dare to touch her she'll beat them up. Sadly (or luckily?), Esens is one of them. He doesn't hit on her, but accidentally falls on top of her and touch her breasts on the bus so Na In, being herself, makes a fuss over it. Esens himself has problems with the opposite sex too. He's too wealthy that every girl that comes to him is a gold digger so he distances himself from women. After the incident Na In and Esens run into each other more and slowly become interested in one another but neither dares to show their feelings. Finally, the gentleman understands that he has to take actions to tear Na In's walls down. From there the romance begins.

It'll be very fun to write ^^ I wanna make Nai a bit like a psycho. And I'm gonna let Esens have a girlfriend at first too. Dude I sound like a drama queen.

P. S NAI, we need a TITLE.

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ordinary miracle
Friday, November 21, 2008

This is my fantasy upcoming story. I got the plot completed but haven't started it yet. I wanna show off two posters I got to you guys and talk a bit bout the summary.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

by kpopchild

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

by i^am^me

So it's basically about a crew filming a blockbuster called Ordinary Miracle - a story based on a rarely known legend in which the twelve most important characters were named after the months. The director is very famous and he's said to be very weird in his way of working. This time proves it right. Instead of choosing famous actors and actresses to join his movie, he decided to gather a bunch of new and young faces, some in America, some in Asia, Europe and whatnot. Julian and Averi are lucky enough to get the main parts of the movie. Their first encounter is very confusing because they mistook their characters' names; Averi got August - a male name and Julian the opposite, so they kinda argue. They also find that the director has set a real odd rules that during the time they're with the crew, they have to address each other by the characters' names. Besides, scenes will be filmed in order no matter what, and they'll only receive parts after parts of the script so no one knows what'll happen next. Of course, they find it strange, but they enjoy this refreshing and mysterious experience nonetheless.

Dramas happen during their process of working together. Julian turns out to be something Averi will call womanizer - he flirts with everyone and is even rumored to sleep with other girls in the cast. She hates him a lot and that effects her performance. Averi gets frustrated when she has to film with him and Julian, being a bastard, seems to love it. Averi struggles not to lose her part in the help of Jarred who has a secret crush on her, but things won't get better until she messes up a kissing scene with Julian and he himself lecturing about how she should get rid of her emotions/hatred towards him and work decently. Averi slowly stops hating Julian and unfortunately, falls in love with him. The two go through a lot to announce their love - which badly hurts Jarred and Akemi - Julian's childhood friend and an also an actress in the movie. What stresses Averi even more that as time goes by, she realizes her how life resembles to the script: how she hates Julian, how she falls in love with him and how she's fooled by Jarred and Akemi. When the movie nearly reaches then end Julian suddenly has an motorbike accident. The doctor says his health is in danger so everyone is extremely worried. At that moment, Rachel, the director's daughter, asks for a private meeting with Averi. She tells Averi that the someone said to her father that the legend has been cursed - ones who play it will get involved in the story themselves - but her father didn't listen, so now, according to what's written, Julian has to die. She says there's only one way to save him and that's Averi coming back to the past through some spell and change the tragic ending herself. So Averi starts her journey into the story, where she has to stop August from pushing July into death. She doesn't know that what's waiting for her isn't an only destined tragedy, but also some shocking truth that will change everything.

Phew, that's so long.

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let go

I have to admit that I don't understand a bit of the lyrics, but I just simply love this song. It was chosen as OST for two movies: The Holiday & Love Me If You Dare.

Let Go - Frou Frou

Drink up baby down
Mmm are you in or out
Leave your things behind
'Cause it's all going off without you
Excuse me
Too busy
Writing your tragedy
These mishaps
You bubble wrap
When you've no idea what you're like...

So let go (let go)
Jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for
It's all right
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
So let go (so let go)
Just get in
Oh it's so amazing here
It's all right
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

It gains the more you give
and it rises with the fall
So hand me that remote
Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow
Such boundless pleasure
We've no time for later now
You can't await your own arrival
You've twenty seconds to comply

So let go (you let go)
Jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for
It's all right
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
So let go (mm let go)
Just get in
Oh it's so amazing here
It's all right
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

'cause there's beauty in the break down
So amazing here

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do we have any gentlemen here?

Yes we do : D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

They don't look that SUPA DUPA great in suits but still fly as hell hahah. It reminds me of THE REAL DVD when they performed She Can't Get Enough...who can get enough of them that time?

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MKMF gift

Believe it or not, I'll receive MKMF gift!!! Not only me but Helgi unnie too. It's amazing isn't it? I swear, this is the first time I've ever won anything in my life. How it happened? I went to Arirang and voted for Big Bang for Overseas Viewers Awards and then they chose voters randomly via a computer and the computer picked me!!! I wonder what they'll send me. Helgi unnie said I lived closer to them so I would get my gift earlier but surely I won't tell her what's in the package because it'll ruin the surprise. I hope they won't send me any DBSG stuff >_< I'll sell it out for sure. Well, I think I'll sell anything except Big Bang/Epik High/Davichi/See-ya/Wonder Girls/entersomeoneamberlikeshere hahah. I'm so happy!!!!

I entered some contests to receive free books yesterday, hopefully I'll get one. Too bad When It Happens was already given. I really wanted to read it. Bestfriends in love rocks ;). I'm happy with Bloom tho, seems like a good book too.

OKay I'mma stop now, I wanna blog more but Dad keeps telling to go to bed =.= 2 or 3 entries to come tomorrow.

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teachers' day

It was a freaking crazy day, fun tho. I've not come back to my old schools to see my teachers like 2 or 3 years (see how bad I am) so this year I decided I should do something. The celebration at my high school took place in the 19th when I had a whole day of classes and that sucked. I really wanted to have a look of the old faces, my classroom T.T

Anywho I went back to my middle school and primary school. Debbie had English classes and she wanted to prepare everything perfectly for her IELTS tests so she couldn't join me, but luckily I had Cherry keep me company. She changed too much since I last saw her, she gained some height and was extremely pale. I was like O__O for a minute and then things went well. We kept bickering each other all the time and laughed at our unforgettable memories. When we got there we had to wait like one hour because the teachers were having some flower arranging contest and no one let us in. We did anything we could to catch our Literature teacher attention, I drummed on the window and Cherry poked her head in and waved at her, but she totally ignored us. Then out of nowhere my cousin popped out and told us to follow him so we could see our Math teacher. I was so nervous because I didn't know whether he realized me, so I was like "Hello teacher, err...do you remember me?" and he nodded. I was so damn happy and ran right into the room and asked him a lot of things that he couldn't even have time to answer T___T And guess who I met in that room? My technique teacher!! She was even younger than when she taught us. Cherry was very surprised to see her because back then she was like Cherry's enemy. Cherry's ex, Tien, was very interested in that teacher so he was acting really weird towards her...I thought he only wanted to make Cherry jealous, but she didn't believe. It was a bit awkward thus we only chatted a bit and then excused to see our Literature teacher. She was really nice. She was my fav teacher back then because her lessons were always awesome and she cared about us a lot. We took pictures, really nice pictures but I didn't have them here so I'd post later. The last encounter was with my English teacher. English was my best subject back then so of course I loved her too bits. She saw Cherry first and pointed at her saying "Cherry, right?" then she looked at me and paused for a while. I was so upset at the moment and my mind was shouting "OMG you don't remember me? Are you kidding? OMG OMG" but then she did and she hugged me and pinched my cheeks. It was such a great feeling hehe =D I could think about it and smile all day. She told me I didn't change at all and told me to fight against my Dad to live independently. I don't know how to tho, I'm such a coward. You know when I finished visiting my teachers from my primary school and went to this face with Cherry he called and made me go home immediately even though he was going to see his friends too. I hate it.

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a letter to the one
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Nomad,

I'm gonna call you Nomad because the name sounds really cute, and as I said, you are wandering here and there in this world enjoying yourself at so damn cool places that you've totally forgotten about me. But hey, I'm not writing this letter to reproach you with anything, I just want to speak my mind in this peaceful Saturday.

Do you believe in the one concept, Nomad? I do, but I'm not sure if you lay your trust on something like that because guys, you know, they simply think that what will come will come. And they may just jump from girl to girl trying to have a whale of a time before they actually grow up and have to do cooler things than love. I hope you ain't one of these. I do not like those who take relationships too serious that they don't let their girls any space to breath, but I don't dig those who consider love as a kind os risky game either. You lose money, your career, your things in a game, but you don't lose your heart. So don't play. Be honest and fair. Even if you don't realize that I'm your girl and accidentally fall in love with someone else, remember, honesty cannot be missing. I'm not asking too much of you, ain't I?

It's so crazy that your image in my head changes dramatically as I grow up. You used to be someone I thought I was deeply in love with, then you turned into that guy I held a secret love for, and then sometimes when I was not sober enough, I pictured you as a random celeb. I was so silly right? In the past whenever I thought of you, whatever crossed my mind was perfect. But now as life went on, it changed. I like flaws because it made you human and unique. Perfect people seem unreal and unreachable. Well, in other words, it's like I loved to buy hardcover books, but now I think paperbacks are nicer choice ^^

Do you think we ever met Nomad? I'm a typical silly teenage so I only pay attention when someone's extremely good-looking pass by, so I will probably be unable to recognize you the day you come to me. Are you tall or short? Are you friendly or indifferent? Are you a good student or an infamous fighter? I'm really curious but I won't hold my hope to high, if you're not a prince then I'm happy with a normal guy (it's not like princes ain't cool you get me?). You should feel the same way too because I'm not to special. People say beauty is skin deep but mine may be so deep that I searched and searched and searched but still have got no clues. I'm not pretty at all T.T (are you upset to hear about this?) and I'm not very interesting. The only thing I can be proud of is my studying, my love for books and novelling, and my skills at annoying people. So embarrassed huh? Oh and, one more thing, I can love you with all my heart with no shame and no holding back at all, does it count?

So when are you going to come? You'd better hurry up cos the life line in my palm is really short which means I cannot wait for you till forever. It'll be lying to say that I've no boyfriends but at no time have I been in a real relationship, you know, all the dating and stuff. Whenever I watch romance movies or books, I always imagine that I'm the main girl who is to go through all the good and bad experiences of love and even with that I feel so happy. Is it even cooler in real life? I'm sick and tired of crushes, I want to feel real love Nomad, the kind of love that's pure and beautiful. It ain't like the air your breath, but it becomes a part of your life that without it, you'll feel incomplete, like you have to brush your teeth at the beginning of the day or listen to some song you love before going to bed.

There's a lot of things I want to do with you Nomad. I want to say I love you out loud everytime I feel like. I want to make lunch for you and put them in a pretty box so your friends will be jealous of you. I want to send letters to you day after day and receive the same love notes. I want to play the old swing thing where we stand on the same piece of wood with face to face and swing from side to side in the field. I want to read a book together with you and when the ending is so sad, I'll be able to lean on you to cry my heart out and afterwards, fall asleep with my head bury in your chest and your arms around me. I want to record the songs you like and give it to you on your birthday and have you smile all month even though my voice sucks like crazy. I want to do hundreds of love scrapbook and exchange them with you on our anniversary. I want to buy couple ipods and have our names engraved at the backs of them so the whole world knows we belong together. I want to help you get close to my dog so you can complain to him when I'm being unreasonable because you know you shouldn't bad-mouth me to anyone else. I want to see a tattoo in your chest - my name in some weird language that only we can read. I want to have my first kiss with you at the end of a snowy date - slow but sweet and caring all the way, and then when we part you'll wrap your scarf around my neck and I, in return, take off my beanie to cover your messy hair. I want to be with you when you're sad and say nothing because I only want you to know I'll be there no matter what. I'll hug you when you cry, and you know what, I have broad shoulders so you can lean on me if you wish to.

I'm very pessimistic at times. Unrequited love is my friend so having the one to love and care for me is just like a dream. But for you, Nomad, and for myself, I won't stop believing. I'll wait patiently for you.

Come to me and let's fall in love.

-your the one.

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bang bang bang bang~

Yay our boys did it, 4 awards from MKFM =D
artist of the year
digital song
best male group
mnet portal

Their special stage with Hyori was...I don't know what to say, Watch it and feel it your way. Tempo kissed Hyori on the lips. Shocking right? It cracked me up tho, it was like a peck, and he teased the fans. Some will cry themselves to sleep tonite I'm sure haha. HIs expressions were priceless, it was like " hello, i'm kissing hyori. Are you kidding me? HYORI! lLMAO.My baby sang" her song too. Oh god i hated that but he it and danced with her, all alone. Well, he looked so cool won't bitch on him, no chemistry either *grins*. Somehow his dancing like JT was in a cute way, cutely sexy (wtf?). think really happy bcos once said wanted to="" perform together one day. Yeah now your dream came true >_<

Oh and one weird thing, I didn't see Dae Sung on stage. He was there on the red carpet but no where to be seen during the performances. I wonder what happened.

ANYWHO congrats to BAM BAM once again<3333

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to cheer somebody up
Friday, November 14, 2008

A clip of YB and two CFs, all in HQ. Have fun watching ^^

2009 Calendar & Diary - YB Promo.
Cyon Edge vers.1 - TOP & YB.
Cyon Edge vers.2 - GD, SH & DS.

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cos your words touch my heart

I never know how much I love jeans til this.

This side of Beyonce surprised me. I'm in love with If I Were A Boy and this is even cooler.

I'm starting to like this man's music, how strange, I used to dislike him a lot :x

Dido!!! It's been a long time since I saw her. The songs are cool as usual, and difficult for a stupid me to understand lol. This is about a girl trying to deny her love<3 it sounds so sad.

I freeze every morning of this month too, so freaking cold. I want someone to hug me ;(

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a boring day
Thursday, November 13, 2008

I just want to blog but I dunno what to say. I'm just a loser >_<

Today was boring. I went to the freaking school only to hear that the class was canceled, then I had to go back. In the afternoon we had to do some Computer Science Work and let me tell you, it was bullshit T.T I hated wasting time like this, I could have done something else like studying General Law or researching more on Advanced Math. The evening was nothing much better, I suddenly had a headache and had to lie down a while. I tried watching Japanese Classic Horror, turned out it was O__O nothing was scary, it was like romance more than horror. Damn it!!!! The only thing that was good was Hong GIl Dong, the episode ended with a climax so I was excited to watch more, I'm so slow tho, it was last year drama series hahaha.

I'm saving up to buy two more book at the end of next week. I'mma get And If It Were True and FInding You ^^ gotta fill my weekends with beautiful awesome love.

Next Thursday is Vietnamese Teachers' Day, I wanna go back to my schools T___T I miss the canteen in my middle school and it'll cool to hang out with kids from primary school, it's been a long long time since we've seen each other. Oh and Jasmine is coming to my house, I'm so loved<333

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marc levy
Sunday, November 9, 2008

This writer got me crazy T.T
I'm gonna write him a long like hell fanmail tonight to ask about Where Are You? How do I get myself out of this sadness???

Evil writer.

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50th post
Friday, November 7, 2008

Dedicated to NaNoWriMo//

I love this program/project/set of ideas. It makes me realize a lot of meaningful things in life. I've always loved writing, I've always wanted to write and I've plots formed in my head time and time again, some of which were invoked simply by a word I came across with the dictionary, but I actually never opened a door for them to come out. Why? Because I've been afraid and I still am. I'm afraid of not knowing how to start it in an interesting way, I'm afraid to go through the parts that I don't like, I'm afraid that the climax of a story is predictable and sloppy written, I'm afraid the end will be a huge disappointment, I'm afraid my words aren't original, my characters are alike, my dialogues are boring, my story is clique, I'm afraid that people won't like it, say bad things about it, or worse, I will hate it myself. So many obstacles lie in my way to complete a decent novel. Many are times I find myself staring at the screen not knowing what to type next, not knowing which word to use even though there're scenes popping one by one in my head. That's when I think writing is so difficult. It's difficult because I don't know as many beautiful words as others, it's difficult because I don't know how to get by with my limited vocabulary, it's difficult because I cannot provoke thoughts with a simple line, I cannot force the tears cascade with a sad scene, I cannot make the readers smile with a little action. Which even sucks is whenever I try to pull on sweet and cute, it turns out childish and silly, and if dig in plain said, it becomes tragic and surreal. I let my imagination go free, but seems like it usually ends up going the wrong way. Sometimes I read what ppl at my age or even younger write and feel pity for myself, I feel talented and useless...And then, NaNoWriMo showed me a lot of things I didn't know. There're a lot of writers who have the same problems, they don't even know what they 're doing and why they're doing it, they have friends who don't take writing seriously, they have family who don't think they can write a piece and make millions of readers enjoy it, they don't even have time to write, they're burdened with lots of responsibilities and they're too old to even start. But they joined NaNoWriMo and decided to do something huge, something they should have done earlier, because they LOVE it, and because its' their PASSION. I started my story 4 days later than everyone so I always feel so pressured writing, two days ago I had this thought of giving up, then I considered it again and I chose to continue. It's so easy giving up, it's so easy thinking you cannot do this and that is something beyond your reach but it's hard to believe in yourself, realize that you can make a difference and everything is worth trying. This is my biggest dream so If I give up, I won't be able to do anything, and a dream will only be a dream. I don't think I can finish a 50000-word story this month yet I'll do my best. There will be only some winners of NaNoWriMo this year but participants know they themsevles all win something.

So, I have to go write now ^^
Have a nice weekend buds<3.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The official album of Big Bang is quite disappointing, I did expect something better, less techno-ish and more hip hop. But on the whole it was an ok one, so no more bashing and rambling lol. My favs are Remember, Sunset Glow, Haru Haru second vers and of course, STRONG BABY<333. Seung Hyun sounds so damn mature and supa hot in this, I could imagine him dancing along the upbeat music; and GD's narration cracks me up, esp when he called out "hey sexy" =D

Check it out:

Some scans of the album

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Debbie's hubby

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh and it is random but I got the translated versions of Marc Levy's Where are you? & Next Time today, cheap-ass price too. I dropped at that bookstore like 265626635 times last week to ask for those so the salesclerk was kinda scared of me, I think; she pointed straight to the books as I just stepped in this morning HAHA.

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on the spur of the moment
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Linear Algebra and Function suck.

NaNoWriMo rocks.

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ignoring cloud informations
Sunday, November 2, 2008

So Nai sent me her latest piece and here are my thoughts on it:

It was nice. The first four pages seemed so fresh. I love the new feeling you put into this fic. It's different from the ones you've written and I've read so far. Maybe it's just me but your works are always strong and loud (excuse my wording lol) since the beginning. This started softer and calmer, all the sarcasm, hatred, weirdness or whatever were all shown but to a decent extent, which makes it real and pleasant to read; as in there's no rushing or any slight expansion. Well it doesn't make sense but I know you'll get me haha.

The second thing I wanna talk about is the theme. I LOVE SPORTS. Basketball players are hot and basketball matches are just awesome. I wanna know how you express the feelings, the passion and the difficulties they all encounter during this. I've seen gangsters and rappers in your fic, now it's time for me to see real players hey? At first I thought it was about baseball and YMGA scenes crossed my mind, along with this anime called Big Wind-up, now I know it's basketball and I'm even more excited. But hey, are Tekkie and Seung Ri tall enough to join a basketball team? They seem unqualified to me LOL. I'm so mean ain't I? Dissing my baby like that.

So err what's with the relationship between Na In and Wu? They had been together before this match right? Seemed like she had done something to piss him off, or worse, hurt him. Hmm could it be that she hit on some guys on Sleepy's team? (And Sleepy as a name is so O__O lol) Wu totally ignored her, even though his feelings for her were almost obvious haha. I reckon the other guys didn't know what had happened between those two ey? Oh and she worked at a lingerie shop, like you told me the other day, which was fun. Who's Hyun Ja? I don't have any guesswork. Na In is you, Yeon Hee is Tia right? Oh talk about Yeon Hee, her message to Dae Sung is so cute!!! Simple but sweet and strongly show how tight they are. They had stable bond, right?

And yeah, last but not least, what was the matter Seung Ri and that Chang Su guy? They were angry, which could lead to FIGHT!!! My baby is hot when he fights but he'd better not, cos I wanna read bout the match. They can play, then fight, it sounds hotter. I don't know what I'm talking about =.= anywho, it reminded me of one scene in Inbetween The Lines.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I love your fic and you shall not abandon this and start another one because you leave me with a cliffhanger.

Love ya my sister.

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the other blog

I deleted the blog for my writing pieces. I can't handle two at a time, esp when I hardly write now. If I manage to squeeze time to jot down something, I'll post it here, simpler and nicer.

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seven things
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seven things to do this term:

1. Study more of Advanced Math till I can somehow work everything out.

2. Get the highest score available for the 40% IT homework.

3. Read as many books as possible for General Law.

4. Get a scholarship for good students after this term.

5. Save up to buy 2 books every month or more.

6. Read a book per weekend.

7. Write a decent piece per month, anything I like.

The fourth one is my top desire haha. Uni is so tough, I didn't expect that cos everyone said it was easier and less hectic. The truth was that we were so lost at the beginning that some would always be in the state of anxiety while the rest would just give up and lean on luck >_< I'll try to balance and get good results tho. Go Amber!!! = D

I love postsecrets at Nai's blog. I saw it in one of All American Rejects MVs but didn't know what this was called til this morning. Props to the one who started this. I want to write some too.

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