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Friday, October 31, 2008

They look so damn cool. I'll get one, I swear.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If i could I'd get a panda engraved ^^ or something in french/spanish. Like seras tu la?/ la dolce malattia.
Will be a long way to go though. I'm madly broke


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I want this one!!!!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

it goes with this awesome bag

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

too bad it's only a 14-1 inch one T.T

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So many parts touch my heart although the words are simple and raw

I’m a dreamer, waiting for the sun,
When you’re coming in, I know my life’s begun,
Tell me girl…When will I see your face again?
When will you touch my life again?
When will I breathe you in again?


It's called where are you? cute cover hey? = )

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I went to the library to buy books for Math classes yesterday. Man the building looked like a maze. They said there were 5 floors but when I got to third floor the staircases stopped T.T i was like WTF? I asked people around but no one seemed to know. Then I decided to get down and find another way when I saw this mixed senior Hien fancied (ya know he was mixed so he was tall and pale and she thought it was great haha). So I came to him and said "Hey, do you know where the library is?" and he went like "I do, follow me!". My mind screamed YAY and i did as told. He was nice, He walked really slowly and turned back at times to see if I could keep pace with him ^^ then we reached the destination and I said thanks and parted our ways.

Then I met another one in the library, he was a freshman like me, from class 01. He asked me if I was from class 02 and then we chatted all the way down to exit. I was kinda freaked out cos he was very open so when I went out I was bowing to him like he was a upperclassmen. I think I surprised him. He was like O__O so I ran away. HAHAHA

I was happy for I met two nice guys that day. You know I'm good really good at associating with the opposite sex, they usually ignore me <_< and it's so hard to find people that are willingly to help you. I hope I ran to them again someday


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very first classes

I started official school this week!!! Nothing much to say yet but it seems less stressful and hectic than highschool. I was let off English this term so I will have like 3-day weekend hehe, ain't it cool? I like General Law, it was clear and familiar but Math was kinda confusing at the beginning TT___TT I hate to say this but I'll have to spend more time researching on this. Geez, Math is like my lifelong enemy, in year 12th I studied it so hard cos I thought there was no Math at uni, turned out it was even WORSE. Nvm, I'll manage to do it well somehow. I only need to attend classes four days per week for 3 subjects, will be such a shame if I do not get great grades =.=

Most of the professors are okay ^^ I like the one came from Law Institute, he wasn't that strict as he might look. Besides he made things less complicated and closer to life, the IT one was cool too, he loved to joke and he got cool IT stuff to show us. He was damn rich. I couldn't believe he bought those PDAs, iMac at once O__O . I want to be rich when I graduate too haha. I didn't like the Math professor, he went so fast and kept on saying we had not much time then let the whole class come home half an hour ealier, and yeah, I just discovered that he tended to mess easy stuff up so they would look difficult. Grr and his voice bugged me, if you came form the North speak like a North, no need to imitate a South >.<

I got Math tomorrow, I hope it won't be that bad.

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chaotic kitchen
Saturday, October 25, 2008

I swear I never cooked again T.T

Today was so crazy, me and Debbie messed up everything with our plans on making a lot of great food to celebrated her belated bdae together. Turned out we had no potential just on being average cooks. My fried rice was like, as Buu said, so amateurish. The shrimps were so flat, the beans were hard and the rest was boring. I was so sad to hear that, it hurt a lot. But that wasn't the worse part though. The pancakes and cakes were. We had this recipe from this one site showing how to bake a nice cake in 5 mins. Debbie got some pasty bunch of powder and when I tried, my production was something as hard as rock, it was like a foam rubber being eaten from the inside by insects. It sucked, BIG time. The pancakes were nice after a few times and nice as in edible. It looked so horrible though, no one wanted to have a piece of them =.=

We were such losers in the kitchen haha.
But we did have fun and I was glad about it. I missed Debbie already T.T

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i didn't get to bandage
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The military teacher was so crazy.

I hated to perform that grenade thing yet he made us do that >_< I wanted to bandage, I'm good at it. Why couldn't I do that? His verbal commands were too fast as well, like everyone hardly caught up with them. I thought I did okay, but I wouldn't get supa dupa grades. He told us Trang did badly so she was kind of upset. I hope we'll all pass. Don't wanna spend another month studying this anymore.


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in japan

They looked so fresh, minus those tight pants T.T

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

When did he become THIS mature? i love that bad boy look on his face, like "i'm the type that just don't care" puahahaha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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and if it were true...
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sounds familiar? No doubt, for this is the title of the book which was turned into the somewhat famous movie Just Like Heaven. Have you ever watched it? If you have, it's cool, if not yet, I suggest you read the book instead. Why? Bcos the screen production was so different from the original, and I can guarantee that the author Marc Levy is a genius ; D. I really love to read from him; he's an architect yet he writes and writes about love. True, pure, beautiful love. Love that wins every damn single war in this universe, even against the greatest beings. I was appealed to this book La Prochaine Fois last week when Trang and Truc were talking about it during one break on my military classes, you know, it was about something fanatasy, and fantasy was never old. So I asked to borrow it and now I'm glad I did. It was simply magical, the lead characters had to go through so much pain and difficulties to recognize each other, fall in love with each other and to stay together, but despite how many lives it took, they never gave up. I esp liked this part when they said if you had one unfulfilled promise with your love in this live, you two would surely meet again in the next one. So come and make a vow to your special person =D. And then there was Sept jours pour un éternité which was even more interesting. The story was about a fight between the Good and the Evil, or more exactly, between their representatives. An angel and a devil in love, not so surprising but neither so typical. I really dig the way he elaborated how different they were from each other, because they were like, at the other side of everythings. It makes love even more amazing, like, when you're in love, you'll try your best to feel belonged with him/her, but you won't ever lose yourself. The best part must be Lucas' confession to Zophia. He was like "I love you. I miss you all the time, I feel you everywhere I go blah blah blah" then he went on "you know, I didn't think I could say such things, as these words didn't belong to my world". So freaking awesome!!!

I think I'm gonna read the rest of his books and decide which to buy soon. If only they would translate these to English. I cannot read in French, and Vietnamese versions seemed weird sometimes =.=

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Debbie // you're pe bie, i'm pe bo, note that.

Nai // i can't wait until tuesday babe T.T

Bee // have u started your job training yet? did they give you free sandwiches ;)

Helgi // i miss you too unnie, let's chit chat on MSN soon oki?

Sophia // don't just come online and sleep so that we can talk, buzz me this weekend alright?

everyone else // have a nice day ^^

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I heart his mixtape

Guess who he is? Haha, so obviously, the one I'm talking about is dokki ; )

He's simply awesome. I love his style, I love his voice and his attitude (through the songs of course). When Nai told me he was only my age I was damn surprised, cos I wouldn't expect that. I mean, he did look more mature and he could produce his mixtap, which, let me tell you what you may already know, is full of amazing songs. I'm not a fan of plain rapping to be honest, like a lil singing will be good. But this totally blew me away. I think I've started to like Movement now. Yeah, I'm so crazy I'm so slow but who cares. It's really brilliant of them to put much thoughts into their lyrics and compose such unique beats. Like this circus 2008 song, it sounds so oldskool and really drives my thoughts to a real circus back in the days. There're also MC pt. 1, pt. 2, Mindtap, Microphone Solo, Die Legend (btw what the hell is that? =O) and many more. My most favourite song must be ★ cos dokki is too cute in it. I don't really who what he's driving at but all the English lines as "to my lil boo" "ya know I lurve you girl" and "bogoshipbo" are enough to get me hooked, so romantic<333.

Bee told Nai i was gushing about my love for dokki the other day, it cracked me up but somehow it was true. Perhaps I'm going crazy about him soon, and I know nothing about him YET. Oh and btw, Debbie thinks dokki is cute, and surprisingly, she likes Movement too. That's why l love you Debbie, but I love dokki more, more.


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for the one and only debbie
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Present time

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Al lil artwork piece ^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Letter from me ; )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Click to read

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The real present. Forgive me, my wrapping skills ain't that great TT___TT

Linh iu dau, ban Thao viet blog tang ban Linh nhan ngay SN ne. Tinh hinh la tao dang nghe bai teng ta reng teng teng nen tao wen het tron roi. Thoi ke, viet nham dai, ai mun doc thi doc, ma chac ko ai doc, vi cha ai hiu dau. Eh may thay may vinh hanh ko? Chi co entry nay tao viet tieng Viet thui nhe, SN Seung Hyun tao cung ko he viet tieng Han nhe. Sao, hom nay vui ko? Hoi vay thoi chu tao biet may ko co tao sao vui noi, dac biet la giong hat that la wa tuyet cua tao. De tao hat tang may mot bai nhe, tao cho may chon 1 trong 3 bai: Tell Me, Secret Love hoac Don't Trust Men. Hay la may muon tao va Dokki song rap tang may? Se ghe lam day T.T you might know my name but you don't know who I am hahah. Eh may tao mun toi ngay thu bay wa, di hoc hoai chan mun chet, may ong thay noi tam bay tam ba, ko he bit ji ca, may ong doc cau ji do ko he co dau duoi buc het suc buc >_< Bua do tao chien com chay chao nha may luon day, xong mot dua mi goi mot dua com nguoi, may nghi bua trua co thu vi ko? Xong bon minh hat cho ca xom may nghe nha, hat lam sao de nguoi ta wang hai dua ra khoi do rot trung cho kem BUD'S khoi di bo ra cho mac cong haha. May thay tao tung ko? Wa tung la dang khac. Hom wa do, tao di mua wa cho may tao thay hai ba kia sen lam, tu nhien hoi con nhau ten ji roi khoe di hoc o truong quoc te nao do, ghe lam nhe hai em be ko he lai Anh lai My gi ca ma ten Elina, Selina, tao muon cuoi ma khong cuoi noi. Mot tao voi may cung lam the nhe =D cho chung chui. Noi nghe ne, mot may lay YB hay dat ten con la Duncan, con lay Duncan dat ten con la YB nhe, cho Duncan va YB wanh lon nhau. Tao thich gia dinh Sean may oi, gia dinh co hai em be map map thich Bam Bam, ti tao gui hinh hai vo chong cho may coi, de thuong lam T.T Eh thui noi nham vay du roi nhe, vo van de chinh va ket thuc luon van de nhe. Chuc ban Linh SN vui ve nhe. Iu ban Linh nhiu lam nhe, iu nhat tren doi nhe (noi xao day) hoho. Cham dut tai day. Muahzzz<333                                                                                              

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show off
Saturday, October 18, 2008

I was bored so I took pics of my writing sheets collection =D Bee, pick one and I'll write to you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pressie from Ann a few weeks ago =D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

From Ann last year

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Old ones. I wrote to Bee in that blue sheet and Nai yellow. My favs of all time ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bought by my cousin Peter during his trip to Thailand. I've never used those cos they looked so childish puahaha. They're cool tho<3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pressie from Phuong Anh ^^ those are japanese sheets, so they look so diff from korean ones. I used that blue dottie one to write to Seung Hyun on his bdae. Not sure if he got it tho T.T

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Love them? You do I know, you just have to LOL

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Notebooks<33333 You can see my WinnieThePooh case in the back too.

That's it for now. I'm too lazy to blog more =.=

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honey & clover
Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love this anime. Mayama is stupid and selfish, Ayumi deserves more than this after everything she's tried to make him hers.
Unrequited love is tragic, and guys, they don't know a single thing about this bcos they're igorant, almost not-on-purpose heartless.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i used google to translate some of the songs i like...most of them do not make sense ;X


I'm fallin' for you like a trap,
Insane everytime I hear you callin' my name
Wild in the game's all-in
I scrambled to empty my brain
I'm chain-smokin', coughin' and chokin'
I was going along the orbit at stake here for you
I was frustrated, we all burnt
Love is pick up the ashes and I have started
Spare a lot of eyes, easily lost dreams
I'm trapped in a remote island.


Lookin' at each other from behind is so different
Dried flowers in your room, just the same
That's a smile to hide everything,
Breath hold-up pillow embedded in the deep pain
There's nothing fair in this vanity fair
I just brought the ruins of corruption.

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this is why I love my iTunes

Stolen from Nai's blog : )

How are you feeling today?
Colbie Caillat - Bubbly (so true haha)

Will you get far in life?
Ann - 기억만이라도 (At Least I Remember)

How do you friends see you?
Big Bang - 흔들어 (Shake it) (ah yeah i'm crazy like that =D)

Will you ever fall in love?
Big Bang - 바보 (Idiot) (my iTunes knows how I am =.=)

What is you and your lover's theme song?
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (oh yeahhhhh)

Do you have true friends?
H-Eugene ft. Danny - 그댄 내 가슴에 (그댄 In My Heart)

What is you & your best friends' theme song?
Aly & AJ - I'm Here (this is a love song!)

What is the story of your life?
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (am i destined to be heartbroken?!?)

How was high school like?
David A. - When You Believe (it was the exact theme song for my high school year!!! Once again, iTunes is awesome)

How was college like?
Kim Ji Eun - 보고싶어요 (I'd Like To See)

What is the best thing about your lover?
Big Bang - 거짓말 (LIes) (How great <_<)

What is the best thing about your friends?
1TYM - Can't Let You Go (<333)

You and your family are...
T.I ft. JT - Dead And Gone (hello, we're still here, the same old ppl)

What is today going to be like?
Maroon 5 - Tangled

What's in store for this weekend?
Big Bang - Number 01 (stupid iTunes, it was last weekend lol)

What song describes you?
Ashlee Simpsons - Pieces Of Me

To describe your grandparents?
Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

How is your life going?
Jay Chou - Besieged (no thanks)

How does the world see you?
Simon D ft. Dokkie - 서커스 2008 (Circus 2008) (wth?)

How do you see the world?
YMGA - Get Up

Will you live a happy life?
Linkin' Park - Breaking The Habit

Do people secretly lust after you?
1TYM - 몇 번이나 (How Many Times)

What do your friends really think of you?
John Lennon - Stand By Me (^^)

What does your lover wish for you to know?
Epik High - Fallin' (are u really falling into me? hehe)

What song will they play at your funeral?
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (then i'm not loved now? T.T)

What song will be your wedding first dance?
Frankie J - Daddy's Little Girl

You could make yourself happy by:
Wu. ft Jnu - Don't Stop (woohooooo)

The song of your life is...
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (I"m good!!!)

This is fun haha.

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I talked to Phuong last night and she told me something I never ever expected. Khai cheated on her.

I didn't know how I should feel about this. It was plain shocking. Off any guys in this world, he was the last person I thought could do such a cruel thing. Where did that "obviously comes from a fiction" guy go to? Where is the guy who passed notes to her in class even though they just met two minutes earlier? Where is the guy who stayed sleepless all night just to fulfill her part in the group work cause she couldn't do that? Where is the guy who drove a long way to buy her favourite breakfast in the morning no matter how sleepy he was? Where is the guy who came to our class every single day just to stroke her hair? Where is the guy who only smiles cheerfully at no other girls but her? Where is the guy who cried when his mother prevented him from continuing to be together with her? Where is the guy whose face is brightened by the reference of her name?

It was so sad. I felt like the whole thing I built about him, the emotions, the pain, the feelings, everything meant nothing from that moment. In my eyes he was like someone so sacred that I could not touch, but then, he turned out to be so ordinary, even sickening. There's nothing wrong with your heart changing, with you falling in love with someone else but why lying bout it? Phuong was so great to hold it back when she read that lovey dovey message that girl sent him, if i had been in her shoes, I thought I couldn't have done anything other than bursting out crying. Five years is really something, esp when he promised to get married to her as soon as they've finished college, and I swear, not only Phuong but everyone believed it. So why did he do that? Why did he try to cover the secret with incessant lies? That was stupid. That was heartbroken. I'm so disappointed at him. A guy like him should have stood in front of her and say "I love someone else" instead of insisting things are fine when they're not. A guy like him should have apologizes to her rather than blaming her for being so childish and selfish. A guy like him should have done all the things he could to make her feel better. On the contrary, all he happened to give was denial and playing it down.

I'm sorry for Phuong. I'm sorry for myself. For we both are in love with a liar. I'm officially over him now. Over everything. I hope he'll realize someday that he has lost the best girl in this world when he looks back to his past with Phuong. I hope he'll be tortured by the same pain she's suffering. She deserves someone better. I deserve someone better, even if it's an one-sided love. Maybe not someone who seems perfect like him, but someone who loves us enough to know what we want is TRUE and TRUTHFUL love.


Thank God, I don't care anymore.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Those people in this country are all crazy, from the youngs to the olds, from the highly educated citizens to poorly informed ones. They don't know what they are doing to the environment anymore. Seems like polluting it has become an essential part of their lives, something they unconsciously do and won't be able to get rid of.

I don't know how many countries in the world that have people peeing all the way around, but Vietnam is surely one of them. These sickening men answer the call of nature anywhere they go: the streets, the parks, the garages, even your house's exterior walls. They do it shamelessly, and some, if drunk enough, never bother to look around...I have once seen a young guy peeing right in front of a bunch of girls and then proudly doing his zipper, turning to us and grin like an innocent... when will this ever stop? I don't even know. I feel so stupid and ashamed to reveal such a thing but it's the truth, and it pisses me off to the max.

Not only Vietnamese polluting their environment, they also allow foreigners to commit this so called crime as well. The government could say a bunch of bullshit about Vedan Corp. being so secretive about dumping their waste into Thi Vai river but no one sane would buy it. Like after more than damn 10 yrs, not a soul will realize what's happening to the air, the fish, the trees, the water? Just that you greedy authorities are to blinded by the money they've been bribed to even see how if affected people's lives, well, not until the press came the picture and let on the disgusting secret. Now they blamed everything on Vedan and they, being as great as they are, encouraging everyone not to buy Vedan products to protect the environment. Laugh my asses of for these high and mighty people.

Now talk about ordinary people and their seemingly oh-so-safe habits. I believe that we all know plastic stuff can not be destroyed and is dangerous to the environment but yrs by yrs we here still use it because it's so popular that no one has the heart to abandon such a useful material. I understand why, but they overuse it so much. Last month I went to the super market with Debbie (I don't go there often cos Mum usually buys food at small markets) and saw people at the vegetables section happily taking free plastic bags and most of them took more than needed. Some told me they could not put all the kinds of vegetables into one bag, but tell me, why use a HUGE bag to carry ONE potato? And then, it's obvious, they will soon throw the bags away as soon as they get home. Use the PAPER bags please, or at least, cut down on the plastic ones! I don't think it's that hard to do.

There have recently been a lot of environmental campaigns and many and many are nice enough to join them. But, sadly, none of them are really heartily about this. We can spot a lot of teens on the streets wearing shirts with slogans as I<3 myearth, I<3mycity, I'magreeaners or bags with cute messages but they're also ones who scatter refuses around >_< So what on earth are you wearing those for? So stupid...there're even plastics bags with I'm not a plastic bag printed on it. So sad, so sad. Sometimes doing such a simple thing like putting refuses onto a waste baskets is considered weird because everyone else just conveniently throw them around. Last weekend I was looking for a place to dump my bread wrapper and Hien was like "why? you're so crazy walking a long distance just to do it, throw it here". Ha, so that's the modern teenager; smart, positive and active?

I really hope we'll do it together to keep our countries and the whole world green. Well, firstly, for our children to sit on a load shit of garbage to learn military like I do .

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baby baby
Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Bang - No.1 MV

My hubby looks so fioneeeee in this. You're so cool Seung Hyun, I lurve that spikey hottie hair, it's back in the house!!! Just one thing, don't seduce girls, you have me, you can be my number one only. I'm jealous of them chicks in that club TT_____TT *grabs knives and guns*

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happy birthday sophia unnie!!!

Don't ya just love the big text? hehe iIm so retarded but it looks so great as a bdae title.
So how's the big day going for you? I hope it's been great so far cos this occasion is really really really special ^^ well, I really suck at birthday wishes (you know, I'm always repeating the same things to diff people) so I'm just gon write how I feel about you okay?

You're a really good sister unnie : ) You taught me a lot of things I don't know, from the slangs to the music, from how to deal with uncool people to getting over problems in life. Although sometimes you're really strict and overprotective over us, I'm glad to have you as someone who will guide me and help me out. There were times I was seriously down, then I talked to you, just a few minutes, and all left was relief and happiness. You showed me how to be independent, how to be strong; you encouraged me to do better in everything even though I wanted to give up.

To tell the truth, my first impression of you wasn't that good. Maybe it was because I was so timid and anti-social that I jumped to the conclusion that you were so damn scary. but I was completely wrong. You were anything but scary, well, at least to me. Our first conversation turned out so fun and comfortable. I still remembered how you said my name was cute and that my mum was so cool to name me differently from others, and I still remembered how I squealed when you told me your long beautiful name as well ^^

I had good times being with you unnie, maybe sometimes you make me feel upset, but you're still one of my bestfriends. You indulged me so much TT___TT I couldn't be more spoilt during all these years. I love all your presents you bought me, I'm really thankful for them. You couldn't imagine how I drooled over the tshirts and the DVD LOL.

I'm sorry I cannot write a longer entry cos my mind has gone blank now. But all I want you to know is that you mean a lot to me and I always love you no matter what.

Once again, happy birthday my love<3

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you tell me how it feels to be in love?
Because sometimes I think I love you so much that being heartbroken becomes a habit, yet sometimes I don't think I love you at all.

Many's the times I've wondered if I really love you, or I just love l o v e

Am I in love with you if I think about you every single second? Am I in love with you if the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm alone is your face? Am I in love with you if every sad love song reminds me of how we are? Am I in love with you if all the guys I see resemble you this way or that? Am I in love with you if every time I check a pen, I unconsciously scribble your name? Am I in love with you whenever I want to write about love, I end up writing about you? Am I in love with you if I wish that genuine smile were for me only? Am I in love with you that I pray someday you will stroke a hair and place a kiss on top of my head like you always do to her? Am I in love with you if my breath becomes rapid when you're next to me? Am I in love with you if your single "huh?" when I call your name makes me happy all week? Am I in love with you if I try my best to my task faster so that I can have a little bit more time to look at you? Am I in love with you if I always long for physics class because I know this is the only time I can see you up close? Am I in love with you if I feel like I'm lucky all day just by seeing you for one second in the morning? Am I in love with you if I jump like a baby for you say my palm looks like yours? Am I in love with you if I wanna plug my ears when they talk about you and her together? Am I in love with you when it's so hard to hold back tears when she tells me you say you miss her though she's next to you? Am I in love with you if I'm jealous of every girl you talk to? Am I in love with you if I only realize how nice my name is after you call it? Am I in love with you if you're the first one I tail like a stalker? Am I in love with you that all the entries about you, even this one, makes me feel so pathetic?

Am I in love? Am I? Or is it just that I want to be in love so bad that I force myself to think that I'm madly in love with you? Is it just because I don't have the heart to let go of these special feelings that I pretend not to be able to let go of you? Is it just because that I hate feeling alone and hopeless that I have to hold on to someone special? Is it just because you're so like those guys I love in fictions? Is it because you're the only one that I know I will NEVER have a chance to have?

There're so many things alike love in this world that we ordinary human cannot tell from the real one. I want to know it, I want to feel it, I want to experience it just once in my life, even if it's unrequited love. Can you show me what is love? Can you tell me why it feels so crazy to look into your eyes? Can you put into words how your heart throbs when some you love tell you they love you too? Can you help me figure out how the first kiss will taste upon my lips? Can you describe the feeling of being in the arms of your one and only love?

Or simpler, can you tell me if I'm really in love with you?

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Why is everyone committing suicide? Where has this world gone to?

Stop doing that please. Lots of people want to live, want to cry, want to be hurt, want to face the depression, want to feel like there's no one else by their sides just to know they're ALIVE. Don't throw away your precious lives no matter what happens, because some don't even have their own to decide what to with them. Be strong and go on, fight back if you have to.

Just don't give up.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have so many things to talk about right now. It's been a while since I last blog, well, not really, but still a long time to me. I'm so lazy to type hehe. But I just found some energy back so I'm gonna post something before it goes away.

So I changed my skin today ^^ I'm so in love with Nai's that I got one which looks practically the same as hers but in different colour. The original was green, but I edited it to be red *runs from the creator*. You won't mind it, will you, Nai? Looks like we have couple skins lol, no, sisters skins to be exact.

This whole month I'm gonna study something like military service. Don't be scared, it ain't what you think =) in fact, things are quite simple and interesting. All we gotta do is to get a hold of government policies and practice some basic skills in the battle-field. The theory periods are damn boring to be honest, but I have fun practicing. Like today we learned about movements used in fights. We had to crawl, creep, drag our feet, in a weirdly special way of course. My elbows were scratched bcos of the crawling one, some of the girls in my group even bled T.T but I don't think they minded at all. We knew how to do a lot of stuff now, including joining parts of a gun. Amber knows how to use AK rifle, so don't mess with her LOL. Oh and I like the teachers too, some are so damn funny. The one who taught formation and line-up was always like "brighten your face but do not smile" but he himself smiled dorkily all the time, and this one who was in charge of training us this morning was so talkative and silly. Man, it'd better be fun like this all month bcos I hate the place that they chose for us to study, that park sucks like hell >_< all muddy and dark.

I talked to Nai these days and she brought me such precious inspiration for my writing, it was like I wanted to finish every story I left undone : ) I think I'm gonna slow down Some Kind Of Art progress and start to rewrite Pour Me Some Love, then the bdae fic for Debbie. "Best friends in love theme" is back<333 Doncha just dig it? I do, I'mma put some zoo scenes in it too. I love the zoo!!!

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1분 1초

I can’t let go
I see you no matter where I look
(My crumbling heart)
I can’t hide
Baby for one minute, one second
I can’t let go
I hear your voice no matter where I go
(My broken heart)
I can’t breathe
Baby for one minute, one second
Even for one moment, one minute, one second

You said you were having a bad hair day
You said your eyes were puffy, and fell back asleep
Sulking, I silently took off my jacket,
Picked up the phone and ordered take out
Closed the curtain, and without knowing how many hours passed
Watching DVD’s
(Just you and me)
The sound of your breath as you leaned against my shoulder
I thought that it was a good thing we didn’t go out

Ridiculously these thoughts still torment me
I unexpectedly remember the jokes that you made and I fall apart
Moments that are really no big deal upset me
I suddenly remember the faces that you used to make and I break apart

I can’t let go
I see you no matter where I look
(My crumbling heart)
I can’t hide
Baby for one minute, one second
(Even if time stops, my heart stops)
I can’t let go
I hear your voice no matter where I go
(My broken heart)
I can’t breathe
Baby for one minute, one second
Even for one moment, one minute, one second

No matter where you went, at the bar right at the corner
When you sat in your little corner
You laid your hands on top of each other on your left leg
When you were tired and yawned, you kept the tears you wiped away
And you would smile like an idiot, showing the dimples in your two cheeks
Whenever you drank water
The pinky that you raised
The glossy black hair that could blind
I thought your clumsy chopstick skills were charming
Your full lips, I hoped it would be forever

This is lov to the e
This autobiographical memory twists my heart
Flips me upside down, with never ending tears
See love could shake a hurricane
The raindrops that blow against my feelings, one drop
The little memories
Like how this glass of alcohol becomes empty, our small memories became transparent
Even though I try to bring it back
The memories of us I can never make it again
Like yesterday night’s dream it’s so clear, but it’s gone

I can’t let go
I see you no matter where I look
(My crumbling heart)
I can’t hide
Baby for one minute, one second
(Even if time stops, my heart stops)
I can’t let go
I hear your voice no matter where I go
(My broken heart)
I can’t breathe
Baby for one minute, one second
Even for one moment, one minute, one second

Even for one moment, (for one minute, one second)
Even for one moment, (for one minute, one second)
Even for one moment, (for one minute, one second)
I can’t let go

I can’t let go
(The whisper that takes my breath away)
For one moment
(Our sweet secrets)
For us who is as sad as our love was beautiful
(Can my tears still remember you?)

I can’t let go
(Our quirks and habits)
For one moment
(The beautiful moments)
Still for one moment
For one minute, one second

We can’t go back
(For one minute, one second)


My ankles start to sink in the rain
My eyes start to sink in tears I once held back
I cry

Ticking of clock in empty room
Noise of rain kissing the roof
Wearing that coat for first time in a while, a ring in the pocket
memory seeps through the fingers

Coming out into Seoul's night, it's been some days
Puddle becomes a small mirror
In that I stumble along, cos it hurts
Without you, I'm like a chair with an odd leg

Umbrella that was small for two of us
That seemed like an island in a cold world
It's now too big and awkward
My left shoulder always used to be drenched
Burdened by memory, I drop my head, there
Shoelaces are undone as if they're chucked away
But there's only rain and wind around, no,
no-one to hold the umbrella up for me, and I cry

My ankles start to sink in the rain
My eyes start to sink in tears I once held back
I cry

You're an umbrella over my head
Night with cold rain dripping on my shoulders
You being beside me became a habit of mine
I can't go on without you, alone in the rain

Puddles of heaven's tears on the ground
Moon that shines through star-covering clouds
Lonesome noises from shoes along the alley
I turned around, anxious, it was only an echo of mine
Shadow that looked just like myself
We couldn't see each other, us
Are we separated, at last? I draw an answer
drawing in mind, and the answer, I smudge them

Umbrella that was too big in my eyes,
that unfolded from the world that made me cry
that blossomed with everlasting promise
Now, it's torn up above two broken hearts
You'd never be there even if I turn around
My hands would be deep in my pockets
Wherever I freely walk around, my cheeks
Will soak up too easily, even in a drizzle

My ankles start to sink in the rain
My eyes start to sink in tears I once held back
I cry

You're an umbrella over my head
Night with cold rain dripping on my shoulders
You being beside me became a habit of mine
I can't go on without you, alone in the rain

I've opened up, the door to my heart,
You're an umbrella above my head
Your shadow is my shade,
You're an umbrella above my head
I've opened up, the door to my heart,
You're an umbrella above my head
Your shadow is my shade,
You're an umbrella above my head

As you are no longer beside me...
You used to wait outside my window with an umbrella
I cry

You're an umbrella over my head
Night with cold rain dripping on my shoulders
You being beside me became a habit of mine
I can't go on without you, alone in the rain
(I need you back in my life)

You're an umbrella over my head
Night with cold rain dripping on my shoulders
Without you beside me, the world's only a half
You can't go on without me
Forever in the rain

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i'm thao or just call me amber if you want. i'm goofy, crazy and lovely, depends on which angle you look at me. Thanks for dropping by and don't be startled by my insanity..



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