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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What do you think? It looks kinda blank but I want something bright this time so yeah, plus the font is pretty cute. Ann has been here for 2 days and she still couldn't get used to the time T___T she felt alseep super duper soon. I'm expecting more fun in the future though. Oh and I gotta show you my new books *grins*. Will take pictures as soon as possible.

The book blog is going good so I'm happy. Thanks everyone who did drop by<3

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Friday, January 16, 2009

happy birthday bee!!!!

OMG I can't believe you're 17 already, it makes me feel so old hehe. So this is the third bdae of yours that we celebrate together (kind of) hey? To tell the truth I don't really know what to say now. My mind is so blank but I'll try my best. Let's begin with how awesome you are. You're great Bee, I'm really glad to have met and become your friend/sister. From you I learnt a lot. You made me love the environment more and think more of people than before. You're smart, wise and not afraid to be yourself. I adore your love for animal and I hope your dream of becoming a geologist (is that how it's called? I think I forgot the word =.=) in the future comes true. I also love how you love GD Bee. It's such an unconditional love. Some think it's blind but I find it very beautiful, no matter what happens you always stay by his side (even though you knew he was weird and you bashed him on it) and you're not someone who loves him by buying his CDs, phone straps, schoolsets, blankets, pillows, domestics and showing them off or collecting his pictures and reading about him as much as possible so you'll appear like a GD-expert. You're simply there for him all the time :D It's really awesome of you. And you're really nice too. Talking to you is like talking a very close friend. I love spazzing over nothing with you and dissing people we don't like and nagging you to read. Did I mention how I love your comments on everything I write? They're so funny and honest and they make me feel really loved. I'm sure there're more great things you did but I cannot list here because of my bad memories.

So on your birthday I want to wish you the very best of everything. I know you're stressed because of exams and college but I know you'll overcome them all too. Bee is smart and strong right? Please enjoy yourself on this special day and do anything you like. I hope you'll receive presents that you like. I promise when the economy recovers I'll send you something next year. Always be my lovely sister okay? And be a awesome Mirs. Kwon too ^^


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please visit my bookblog and give me feedback ladies, become a follower if you want to as well

Serene Hours

I've finished my finals and Ann is coming here in 4 days, I can't wait. Have a nice day y'all!

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Beautiful Americans
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Click here for a chance to win the book : )

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I've been so lazy these days because of the book blog, it's almost done and supposed to be up on Jan 15th, be sure to drop by okat, I'll give you guys the link as soon as possible.

Okay so this post is mostly about hubby. I don't think I've blogged about his solo activities here yet. To be honest the MV shocked me to the max, first the cold expressions, then the abs (not that much i swear, i don't drool over abs haha) then the kiss. I was so mad and sad those days that I hardly say anything about Strong Baby. Well, until now, I don't think I like the song or the MV real much. But I'm really proud and happy for Seung Hyun. I could never imagine SH having the spotlight to himself. When Big Bang first came out and for a real long time SH was just a shadow. He was like somebody that was added to the group to make it complete. He was cute, he danced nicely but just that. His singing was not very impressive and I could tell he didn't have many fans either. I didn't have much hope in SH getting as much attention as other members, I just wished that someday he would come out and shine like Seven or something and I thought that day was real far. But it came actually. The SH who only joked around turned to a gentleman. The guy who was said not to be able to sing is confident enough to sing A fool only's tears all by himself. The one who was out of breath because of singing and dancing at the same time on stage can finally do both well. I was so so happy for him. I was so touched when I hear the fans shouting his name real loud when he performed and he was hyped, happy too. Idk how to put it into words but I'm so glad SH can prove himself now. It might not be perfect but it's still him. I will support him even though his MV scared me and his dance moves resembled to JT. He's my hubby, afterall <3

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm going to open a book blog on Jan 15th. Wish me luck buddy, now Amber is finally doing something related to books :D I'm gonna review books and interview authors and do other things when possible. Hopefully you guys will drop by my blog. Show me some support okay?

Have a nice day buddy. I'm too lazy to blog more *yawns*

omgsh i love leaving comments because it's so much easier to freaking write as much as i can (i love cbox, but it's so annoying to use sometimes T_T). but anyway, i wish you luck with the book blog! tell me when you open it<3 and also, haha yeah it sucks that i wasn't a match with jiyong, and yes, daedae and toppie are good too...don't forget YB! :P haha. but yeah, dae and toppie are more like the older brother type to me...the ones i'm completely comfortable being around with even if i look like a slob with sweatpants and a huge sweatshirt and pigging out on food kind of deal haha. :P but i choose not to believe horoscopes when they have WAY too many things wrong in it, or i just don't like it LOL.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who's mine? I did a few tests here with some of my exs, celebs I'm obsessed with and here's the results:

Aquarius - James
This is a good match for you, even if it’s not the number one choice (for number one, see Leo and Sagittarius, which are tied). You can find true love with an Aquarius boy because of your appreciation of each other’s best qualities. You will love his sense of adventure and very unconventional way of seeing and interacting with the world. He will adore your intelligent mind and your energetic approach to romance. This isn’t to say you won’t have lots of differences with an Aquarius boy. You will have lots! But if you can get through the little problems, this match will only get better and better over time. A good bet for love.

This is weird because I never felt comfy with him. He was always shy and looked like he was holding a lot back. I think he did care but he didn't want to show. That was a turn off.

Capricorn - Khai
This match can work, but it will take a lot of hard work. You and Capricorn would seem to be complete opposites. He is practical and serious; you are spontaneous and fun-loving. He is slow to share his thoughts and feelings; you find it easy to say what you think. Even with these differences, however, a strong love can grow between an Aries girl and a Capricorn boy. It’s just that it will take a really, really long time and a lot of patience for things to get on stable ground. He’s not the easiest bet for a soulmate, but a long-term love match with this guy is not impossible to pull off. If you’re willing to work really hard, you can make it work with a Capricorn boy.

It's true. It'll take a lot of hard work even to have mutual feelings. I gave up tho, too much to handle a guy who's been taken and seems to not have showed his true colors. I hope he and Phuong go to the end, so I may end up at the wedding in a few years' time.

Sagittarius - Seung Hyun
This is tied with Leo as the number-one best match for Aries. Sagittarius can truly be your soulmate. You are both adventurous types with a creative, open attitude to life. On matters of the heart and mind, an Aries and a Sagittarius will be completely in tune. You will satisfy his need for an exciting partner who can be spontaneous about things. He will satisfy your need to laugh (Sagittarians have great senses of humor) and to have interesting, challenging conversations (they are also very intelligent). One warning: Sagittarian boys are known for their complete and utter honesty- they don’t usually bother to consider other people’s feelings when speaking. That can sometimes be a little rough (like when he tells you what he really thinks of your new haircut). But if you can put up with that one flaw, a Sagittarius can be your soulmate.

This put a smile on my face (after a mad night watching Strong baby MV). It's nice to see that we're both adventurous and creative :D It means I'm creative too, right? LOL. It's also right about Seung Hyun with his sense of humour (where's the cuteness tho? ) and his big mouth (unfortunately, really BIG!)

Leo - Nomad
This is tied with Sagittarius as the number-one best match for Aries. Leo can truly be your soulmate. You are both confident, outgoing and love to charge ahead into the unknown. You will have an incredible time charging there together! The romantic chemistry between you two is fiery and can be long-lasting. Leo can really sweep an Aries off her feet. You will love his very romantic and generous nature, and he will love your sense of adventure and your intelligent mind. What will really seal the bond between you is his hidden vulnerability, which will bring out your cuddly and caring side. A soulmate match!

Don't ask me why I think this is my Nomad, just women's instinct haha. I've never met a Leo guy that actually attracted me or I did and I forgot. All these things said above are sought-after don't you think? Esp that part when he'll sweep me off my feet, I like that *grins*. You can bring out my cuddly and caring side Nomad, I can give you a shoulder when you're tired! (Excuse me I'm going crazy again =.=)

Genimi - Lee
This is an exciting match for a casual relationship. You both thrive on excitement and adventure, so you will never be bored together. A Gemini guy will be fascinated with everything about you, and you will love the attention. You’ll also enjoy his sexy kissing (Geminis tend to be great kissers) and his charming, romantic style. But Gemini is known for being a big flirt who has trouble being faithful, and that will eventually cause problems between you too. If you keep it light, though, you two can have a great time.

He's seriously a big flirt, giving me so many heart attacks during my time being a huge fan of Blue. But I don't mind trying his kissing skills at all, since this sounds so frigging hot. HOT!

Taurus - Bao
This match doesn’t have a great forecast for the future. He is a true homebody who is happiest staying in and renting a video. Meanwhile, you want to go places and do things. You’ll get bored of his do-nothing style pretty quickly. Taureans also tend to be quite stingy with their money (maybe that’s why they like to stay in so much). He’ll be unimpressed by your free-with-a-dollar style and your occasional shopping sprees, and you won’t appreciate his nagging. The conflicts between your personalities make an Aries-Taurus match hard work.

Completely wrong T____T He gave me hard time but not because of all this.

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i'm thao or just call me amber if you want. i'm goofy, crazy and lovely, depends on which angle you look at me. Thanks for dropping by and don't be startled by my insanity..



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