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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been so lazy these days because of the book blog, it's almost done and supposed to be up on Jan 15th, be sure to drop by okat, I'll give you guys the link as soon as possible.

Okay so this post is mostly about hubby. I don't think I've blogged about his solo activities here yet. To be honest the MV shocked me to the max, first the cold expressions, then the abs (not that much i swear, i don't drool over abs haha) then the kiss. I was so mad and sad those days that I hardly say anything about Strong Baby. Well, until now, I don't think I like the song or the MV real much. But I'm really proud and happy for Seung Hyun. I could never imagine SH having the spotlight to himself. When Big Bang first came out and for a real long time SH was just a shadow. He was like somebody that was added to the group to make it complete. He was cute, he danced nicely but just that. His singing was not very impressive and I could tell he didn't have many fans either. I didn't have much hope in SH getting as much attention as other members, I just wished that someday he would come out and shine like Seven or something and I thought that day was real far. But it came actually. The SH who only joked around turned to a gentleman. The guy who was said not to be able to sing is confident enough to sing A fool only's tears all by himself. The one who was out of breath because of singing and dancing at the same time on stage can finally do both well. I was so so happy for him. I was so touched when I hear the fans shouting his name real loud when he performed and he was hyped, happy too. Idk how to put it into words but I'm so glad SH can prove himself now. It might not be perfect but it's still him. I will support him even though his MV scared me and his dance moves resembled to JT. He's my hubby, afterall <3

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