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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm so exhausted this week. Uni is wearing me out. Honestly, what's with all the crazy tests, esp gym class? I can't believe we have like five tests out of ten classes this month, one on papers and four outdoors, like wtf, are we really Banking students, or professional trainers and trainees? >_< Stupid stupid stupid. I swear, if I fail, I won't make a fuss over it, won't stress over it like the teachers wish us to be. The most important thing is to get good grades in Math classes. I don't like the teachers, they're so careless and tend to make things more complicated that they should be. Like last time I went to Analytic class and asked the teacher to help me solve this puzzle because I tried so hard but still got the wrong answer and he was like waving me off just for he had to go somewhere. GRRR!

Okay this post is not for ranting (I rant so much these days that it becomes a habit =.=). I wanna talk about the nice things that I received this week. First off was lil pressie from Ann. She bought me two lovely tees from Oz and they were so cool. One has this "PEACE/LOVE/GREEN" letters on it with a yellow cute thingy that looks like a chick, and one has two characters that I once saw on Sari unnie's avi, you know, the black guy and the pink girl ^^. Abigail sent me Christmas present too. I was very surprised to see it arriving so soon (thought it was MKMF gift when I received the notification). The card was awesome. I cracked up so much because when you opened it, you'd hear the wear sounds from the throat when you gulped down something, esp the beer. It sounded so real haha. And then there was the noel calendar, which was like a countdown to Christmas. I hung it up and put notes into each small bags of each day too. She also wrote me a long letter using normal paper from her notebook asking when I'm gonna go there so she can pick on me again ;D silly girl. The last thing I received was a book. Guess what? Amber WON a book from FreebookFriday Teens. I'm so happy, it's the second week and I already won something. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Thao Tran in the winner list ^^ I never won a book before T___T it's so great. I hope I'll win more in the future so I can send them to my lovelies.

Oh and one more happening that warmed my heart. I saw one of my childhood friend two days ago. He came to me and asked if my name was this, I lived in that and I nodded nodded nodded and then he told me his name and OMG that was one of the kids that got the same tutor with me in primary school. How amazing!!!

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