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Monday, December 15, 2008

I feel like I've not blogged forever T____T I miss blogging too much but I don't have much time and I'm so lazy (bite me!!)

Okay so today Sophia unnie posted the picture of the book I won a fortnight ago and I want to show off, so I'mma repost them here. I'm kinda surprised cos it's a hardcover (at least it looks so ^^) and it's signed too. Not a big deal but it makes me feel closer to author you know, I'm weird like that. The book is called Love, Meg and it's about a girl finding her family and going through a lot of problems. I heard that it was kinda like Sarah Dessen's Just Listen, which, according to the readers, is very nice.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, I also finished my secret santa one shot today. Let me tell you this, it's simply crazy. I had a hard time trying to think out something that would go with the lyrics of the song I chose from the pile but I couldn't. Fortunately I got some muse from the song title, so I just went with it, nothing really related to the lyrics. I hope the girl don't mind having a lame oneshot as a Xmas present. I did my best though. It was like 4000 words or more (I'm kinda proud hahaha). After the secret santas at ficlics are all revealed I'm gonna post the story here so you can see how sucky it is T.T. It's overemotional sometimes, I may have to fix a bit later, the deadline is tmr tho, so basically I don't have much time. Blame me for procrastinating >_<

Speaking of fictions I'm so depressed. I want to write so much but everytime I get to the comp there's something else to do, I can't resist chatting, blogging, reading books and online magazines. I need a schedule for this I think. I'm going to wait until I finish all the finals with nice grades so I can put all of my mind on writing but here's what I've planned so far. Firstly, I'mma start writing the joint fic with Nai, we'll have like 10 days off so if we pull our weight we can get 3 chapters finished or more (hopefully). I'm so excited for this because it's the first time we've written something together, lots of fun stuff and dramas coming soon too ^^ And after this I'll get to write something for Some Kind Of Art. The readers left comments at my thread asking when I'm going to update and that makes me feel bad, since I left the story off with a cliff hanger and I had fun writing it so I'd better continue. Lastly, I'll write my "serious" fics. Pure novels, original characters too. It's time to get to real work. I had in my mind so far fiour plots which are: Ordinary Miracle, I Owe You..., Into Love, Hope & Sunshine. There're three more but I don't think I can write without researching a lot first, one of it is about Highland, VN ; ) I love this place because it's really cool and beautiful, it's the most romantic place in my country I think. There you can find a lot of flowers, love legends and haunted houses too *laughs evilly*. Well, just that, wish me luck because it's tough to write. Oh and one more thing, I'm joing RandomBuzzers and will start to write book reviews, I want to try this because it's fun and if I'm any good I can win advance review copies of lots of cool books. Join me if you like.

The last thing to talk about today is anime/manga!!! I fall in love with Air Gear already. Actually I hate a lot of things about it, esp the fact that I don't quite understand how the air trecks work and what their competitions are for. But I like Ringo and Ikki's relationship ^^ Idk why but even though ppl say that Ringo turned weird I still like her a lot because she's so in love with Ikki (again, unrequited love =.=) It's really cute when she kissed him before he left, but sadly he didn't feel anything special about it. I hope in the last battle he'll pull her back to the good side, she's naturally good tho. I feel sorry for her when her teammates keep saying that Ikki won't need her anymore. Grr idiots!

And well, I have to blog about Slam Dunk too. That manga rocks. I usually watch stuff that involves romance but this sport anime just got me hooked. I so love their spirit, their determination to win and their passion for basketball. Hanamichi sounds like a dummy but he's really into it and he plays with all his heart. I like Takanori too because he looks like a gorilla everytime he makes a rebound. But the king, after all, is Kaede *squeals like a fangirl*. He's so cool, just the type typical girls like me would love to have. At first he seemed to be really cold and concentrative, he hardly speaks at all. Then later I find out that he's really silly. When Ryonan high coach asked him if he wanted to join the team he said he would come to Shohoku and everyone who said the same thing before explained that they liked Anzai coach but Kaede said "it's near my house" with a funny expression. It's so cute. Watch it if you have time, it's a nice anime for those who love basketball.

That's it for now. I gotta go take a nap *yawns*
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