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the first few hours of 2009
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello everyone~!!!

New Year is here and I'm extremely happy. I really hope we'll have an awesome time ahead with lots of luck and happiness. The financial collapse has been a bitch recently and in 2009 it'd better go away to some other planets hehe. What are your plans for 2009? I don't have a to do list but my priorities are: to get nice grades, to stay strong and healthy, to read and write more and to make my loved ones happy =D

So my last few days of 2008 were really great, and I thought I should share with you all. Firstly, VN won the AFF cup, which was a soccer tournament for SouthEast Asians countries and it was like our first time after 49 years. I was so so happy and proud of our guys, last Sunday, the whole country went out to celebrate. Even though I was at home, it was such a great feeling seeing the red flags all over the streets.

Have a look at these pics

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And guess what, I passed my P.E finals. It was crazy, 800m lap was so much for me, but hey I did finish it (just don't know how much it took cos the teacher said whoever completed the lap without collapsing would pass). I kinda liked how it felt though. I was so out of breath at the 550m and my body was like STOP STOP STOP but my brain went Amber fighting!!!! And I made it! After that all of the girls were like =.= we felt like we were half paralyzed T____T

The next great thing was Marc Levy replying my mail! WOOHOOO~!!! I was taken back, I never though he would and he even said my words touched him. My mail to him was super long, I'd post up once I remembered where I left the draft ^^ I'm gonna buy more books of Marc and read and write to him again. This is super fun.

Well Dec 31st must be the most memorable one to me because so many cool things happened. In the morning I finished my Math test with nice job (it stressed me out you know, I hate Math!!!) and when I returned home I saw MKMF package. Well, the gift wasn't actually very special. They sent me a notebook, huge one with MKMF logo and a few pictures of last year show (there was a tiny GD on his knees kissing the dancer's hand). I was expecting something like poster but I'm satisfied cos I love stationaries. You already knew what made the evening great right? TEDDY! HIs performance was awesome, I wish he would stay a lil bit longer tho, it was so short, so damn short. Nai thought he looked slimmer and yup, healthier too ^^ oppa is always fresh and clean and cocky and, ehem, too hot to handle.

If you have not watched the perf or wanted a better quality of the vid click here to download

Okay, one last thing, Amber won a book!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised, surprised? I am too. The Buzz Girls (a group of YA author) had a special giveaway where all you needed to do was to comment wishing everyone a happy holidays as much as you can and I left like 50 replies hahahah. I was the one with most wishes in diff languages (thanks to Google Translation) so the author picked me. The book was about a gangster trying to find his way out to the good and he met, fell in love with a girl, and redeemed himself with her help. Look at the lovely cover!

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So what about you? Anything cool happened at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009?

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