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Monday, December 22, 2008

Nai wrote this oneshot for me because she was my secret santa at Ficlics ;)

Loose Strings

Seung Ri rolled the sleeves of his black dress shirt up midway to his elbow and leaned back in his seat. A cigarette suspended from the left side of his mouth, near finished, ashes dropping onto his previously spotless shirt. His phone buzzed at his side and he ignored it, his main focus was to keep Amber the main focus. She had been on his radar all night; morning was sure to rise any hour now. To spend half his time there without acknowledging her presence was no easy task.

Dae Sung slid into the seat next to Seung Ri, grasping a bottle of vodka in his right hand and offered a glass. Seung Ri shot his friend a dismissive glare as he held up a hand to reject the drink. “I’m on probation, remember?”

Upon being denied, Dae Sung followed Seung Ri’s gaze to the opposite end of the room and zeroed in on Amber. He nodded his chin towards a guy surrounding her, whom to Seung Ri's dismay, had been leeching onto her as soon as the party started six hours ago. "If she had a fan club, I'm sure you'll be the President, dude," he said, keenly aware of where his friend's eyes had been stuck on all evening.

“Looks to me like that spot’s already taken.”

"I beg to differ." Kicking up his legs, Dae Sung propped them on the glass table before the two. Slurping at his glass, he continued, "She told me to tell you hi."

Seung Ri remained undisturbed, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and throwing it onto the table. "And when did this take place?"

"Like five hours ago."

"Then why the fuck are you just telling me this now?"

"Well, if you must really know---"

Turning to face his buddy, Seung Ri glared at him. "Stop with your annoying, lame ass talks, Dae Sung because yes, I must really fucking know."

"We all placed a bet on you two tonight."

"And who the fuck is this 'we' that you speak of?"

"Well, I tried my best to get everybody to join in, you know? The more the merrier and all," Dae Sung explained, bobbing his head around as he spoke. "At the end, though, only Tempo, Baek Kyoung, GD, Teddy, Wu, Dong Wook, and I ended up putting money in."

"How much?"

"Ten dollars each. The bet was simple, really... nothing too farfetched. We just placed money on what time we thought you would get over your pride and go talk to Amber. I placed my money on the hour between midnight and 1 AM," Dae Sung grinned. He tapped the diamond-encrusted watch at his left wrist. "Guess what time it is, Seung Ri?"

"Get out of my face, Dae Sung. Just because of that, I'm not going talk to her until after 1 AM."

"Which means Tempo will end up getting the money, then."

Seung Ri rolled his eyes before straightening himself up. He faced his body in Amber's direction, watching her feign interest in what the lames with her had to say. "What time does the bet end?"

"At 2 AM."

"Tempo's the last one?"

Dae Sung nodded.

"Alright then. I‘ll talk to Amber after 2."

"Fuck, Seung Ri. You’re always trying to cock block..." Dae Sung grumbled and stood up. "I know you're not going to last much longer, though. So I'm gonna go over there now and try to switch times with Tempo. His ass is gullible as fuck." He laughed.

Shaking his head, more in amusement than disbelief, Seung Ri ceased as he felt his phone vibrating once more against his ribs. Reaching a hand into his inside pocket to finally retrieve his phone, he glanced up in surprise. The sender's number was not saved in his system, but it consisted of digits he remembered by heart.

Are you going to really let this silly bet keep you from talking to me?

Amber stared back at Seung Ri, her own phone clutched between her nails behind her back. Her gaze drifted back to the guy speaking to her as she absently nodded, the corner of her eyes meeting Seung Ri's knowingly.

He texted her back:

What are you talking about?

Even though he knew exactly was she was talking about. He always did.

"Who are you texting?" A chirpy Ha Nee plopped down next to Seung Ri. He looked her with a blank expression and shrugged, putting away his phone.

Besides her joined Tekkie. He kept an arm tight around her body and nodded to Seung Ri. "How do you like your homecoming bash?" he asked.

Glancing at Amber shortly, Seung Ri muttered, "The pen was better, if you want the honest truth."

Tekkie grimaced. "Hey, considering the fact that we didn’t even know you were being released from jail until three days ago, I think I did a hell of a job.” Looking around the pub, he pointed at the different food and drinks, naming them off one by one. “There are a variety of things here, as you can see.”

“I don’t give a fuck about the food, idiot,” Seung Ri quickly replied. He pointed a fresh cigarette in the direction of the guy with Amber. “Tekkie, who the hell is that fucker?”

Ha Nee jumped in. “Joon Kyung’s my co-worker, Seung Ri.”

“You invited that fucker?” he laughed. “Does he know what kind of shit he’s getting into it---messing with my girl?”

“She’s not your girl anymore, Seung Ri.”

“Says who?” He lit his cigarette.

Tekkie didn’t want to be the one who broke the news, but he knew no one else would have the audacity to hand it to Seung Ri. “Says the ring Joon Kyung gave her." Hurriedly and flushed-face, he continued, “That guy is her fiancé. He’s been so for seven months now.”

“They’re getting married next week," Ha Nee filled in.

Seung Ri sat up straighter in his seat and exhaled, a puff of tobacco escaping his mouth into the drunken atmosphere in front of him. He eyed Amber, knowing that she knew very well he was eyeing her and to his disgust, he continued staring at her. Similar to the very first moment in which he had ever seen her face, he still could not tear himself away. “So she lied to me, then.”

“You never kept your end of the promise either, Seung Ri.”

He glared at Ha Nee. “I never promised her anything and she knew that.”

“That’s kind of selfish of you to be angry at her for not waiting when you never planned on doing so yourself, don’t you think?”

After pouring himself a drink, Tekkie slipped into the obscure shadows between the conversation. He wanted nothing to do with the words being exchanged and hoped that he would not have to add his two cents in, highly aware of both the relationship and friendship currently on the line.

“No, I don’t think so, Ha Nee.” Seung Ri pressed his lips tightly when he got to the end of the statement. A certain hostility punctuated her name, the kind that the penitentiary counselors tried to teach him to suppress. In a swift move, he grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and chucked it onto the floor. Standing up, he looked down at the couple. “I'm going to tell you two ahead of time: cough up your ten dollars to Dae Sung.”


He looked at his friend’s girlfriend. “I’m going to talk to Amber now, Ha Nee. Dae Sung can win his damn bet tonight.”

Ha Nee sprang to her heel and placed a firm hand on Seung Ri’s elbow. The two of them looked over at Amber and her fiancé, the pair subdued on a loveseat merely yards away. “You and she had seven years, Seung Ri. Three years of you not committing, two years of you running from the law, and two years of being punished in the law… all seven of which she stood by your side, but you took her for granted and played with this relationship like a cliché metaphor. She’s not a cracked heart nor is she a wave coming in for you. She’s a person with a heart, a heart that you fucking played with for seven years and if you would have recognized this earlier, those years would not now be over. It's over.”

“I want to hear it from her.”

“For God's sake, she’s engaged, Seung Ri!”

“Fuck that kid Joon Kyung,” he spat out. “He doesn’t love her the way I love her.”

“You’re right, becasue he loves her more and he loves her better than you ever did.”

Afraid that he just might slap her, or even worse, Seung Ri broke free of Ha Nee’s hold and raced out the door, where he had just seen Amber exiting. He followed her, close and steady, waiting for her to feel him behind her.

Her pace came to a calm stop as she spoke without glancing back. How desperate he was to see her face. “I take it that you know about Joon Kyung and I now.”

Seung Ri fumbled with his words. “Why did you text me if you---Amber! I came… I came out for you.”

She smiled unbeknownst to him, but it was a stiff smile, the kind given away when one received what one no longer wanted. “You told me the first time they ever locked you up that you were going to marry me, remember? That was four years ago.”

He held his breath, his eyes zooming in on the loose string dangling down the middle of her back. Her dress was cut provocatively low, ending centimeters from her tailbone. A ring was eloquently attached to the end of the string, explaining why even after all that time spent watching her, he did not remember a glint of diamond on her left hand. It was behind her all this time.

Upon that revelation, he felt betrayed. Anger grew next but the thought of his heart destructed by the hand belonging to a woman he destroyed once before baffled him.

Shaking his head, he admitted, “No, I’m sorry. I do not remember, Amber.”

“Not that I expected anything more of you, Lee Seung Ri.”

He mumbled a final apology, one that fell deaf upon her ears. She heard what he was saying. She really did. The unfortunate thing was: his confession of love and apologetic whimpers were now in a language she no longer spoke.

Thanks so much for this baby. Seriously, I wanna bite you, because even though you told me beforehand that this would be sad, I never expected it to end that way. I mean, I thought you'd let me leave Seung Hyun but all alone. It's sad, so sad. Seems like even at the end Seung Hyun didn't even know what he had done wrong, he was just heartbroken and felt betrayed because she left so suddenly, which was T.T He was such a coward, why didn't he pull her back. Engagement is really nothing (not that Dokki doesn't matter though lol). I think I should hate my hubby in this but I only feel bad for everyone of them. I wonder what Dokki thought about this hahah, he was silent all the time. Actually, he's more suited to be a bad guy ;D Anywho I love this!!! Who else would put me in a fic with Seung Hyun and Dokki like Nai hey? *HUGS* You made my day baby, and how dare you said it was bad!!! It was just sad and I love sad stuff. Amber is weird like this hahaha.

I'mma have a present for you too *winks* let see how I can manage to finish it in two days.
Love you ^^

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