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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guess what ladies? Me and Nai are going to write a joint fic!!! Surprised, surprised? I hope you are. We're really excited to write even though we have yet found time, I mean, university schedules are real heavy and Nai has to work too T__T

So the story is about the YG men with Simon D, Dokki and Esens as our very special guests *coughsSHAMELESSADVERTSINGcoughs*. We're kinda tired of gangsters/hobos fics so this time it's all about high school. Who doesn't love high school hey? The main couples we have so far are (the third person is in the bracket):

Teddy and Helgi
Nai and Esens (Wu)
Bee and GD
Tia and DaeSung
Maika and Simon D (Tempo)
Me and Seung Hyun (Dokki)

And we worked on some character too, I don't wanna ruin the fun so I'mma reveal just a bit about this ;) There're two highschools. YG men, Nai, Bee, Helgi, Tia and me go to the first one. The second one is the territory of JF and Maika (we're gon add some more girls to be with Maika later okay?). The schools have been rivals for years bcos of insertsomedramahere. Things got complicated when students from this school fall for ones from the other; Esens follows Nai and Wu gets mad about it even he's nothing to her, Dokki and Seung Hyun fights all the time, then Maika and Nai hate each other, and we get some drama in store for GD and Bee too.

I'm in charge of creating Nai's character and she mine. I think I'm gonna make her a lil bit different this time. She's usually loud and agressive but in this she isn't. Of course Nai won't be innocent and clueless, she's just fierce in a different way. Her name in the fic is Na In. Na In is Jinu's sister and she lives with an awful Dad. Her Dad cheats on her Mum so the poor woman gets sick and passes away. After that he vents all his anger on Na In, beating her whenever he wants to. Her brother doesn't help her, he just stares every time his sister's abused. Jinu is not any better than his Dad, he treats his girlfriend like shit too. Na In grows up in such surroundings that she starts to lose trust in men. She's defensive and quiet. She never dates. If any guys dare to touch her she'll beat them up. Sadly (or luckily?), Esens is one of them. He doesn't hit on her, but accidentally falls on top of her and touch her breasts on the bus so Na In, being herself, makes a fuss over it. Esens himself has problems with the opposite sex too. He's too wealthy that every girl that comes to him is a gold digger so he distances himself from women. After the incident Na In and Esens run into each other more and slowly become interested in one another but neither dares to show their feelings. Finally, the gentleman understands that he has to take actions to tear Na In's walls down. From there the romance begins.

It'll be very fun to write ^^ I wanna make Nai a bit like a psycho. And I'm gonna let Esens have a girlfriend at first too. Dude I sound like a drama queen.

P. S NAI, we need a TITLE.

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