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teachers' day
Friday, November 21, 2008

It was a freaking crazy day, fun tho. I've not come back to my old schools to see my teachers like 2 or 3 years (see how bad I am) so this year I decided I should do something. The celebration at my high school took place in the 19th when I had a whole day of classes and that sucked. I really wanted to have a look of the old faces, my classroom T.T

Anywho I went back to my middle school and primary school. Debbie had English classes and she wanted to prepare everything perfectly for her IELTS tests so she couldn't join me, but luckily I had Cherry keep me company. She changed too much since I last saw her, she gained some height and was extremely pale. I was like O__O for a minute and then things went well. We kept bickering each other all the time and laughed at our unforgettable memories. When we got there we had to wait like one hour because the teachers were having some flower arranging contest and no one let us in. We did anything we could to catch our Literature teacher attention, I drummed on the window and Cherry poked her head in and waved at her, but she totally ignored us. Then out of nowhere my cousin popped out and told us to follow him so we could see our Math teacher. I was so nervous because I didn't know whether he realized me, so I was like "Hello teacher, err...do you remember me?" and he nodded. I was so damn happy and ran right into the room and asked him a lot of things that he couldn't even have time to answer T___T And guess who I met in that room? My technique teacher!! She was even younger than when she taught us. Cherry was very surprised to see her because back then she was like Cherry's enemy. Cherry's ex, Tien, was very interested in that teacher so he was acting really weird towards her...I thought he only wanted to make Cherry jealous, but she didn't believe. It was a bit awkward thus we only chatted a bit and then excused to see our Literature teacher. She was really nice. She was my fav teacher back then because her lessons were always awesome and she cared about us a lot. We took pictures, really nice pictures but I didn't have them here so I'd post later. The last encounter was with my English teacher. English was my best subject back then so of course I loved her too bits. She saw Cherry first and pointed at her saying "Cherry, right?" then she looked at me and paused for a while. I was so upset at the moment and my mind was shouting "OMG you don't remember me? Are you kidding? OMG OMG" but then she did and she hugged me and pinched my cheeks. It was such a great feeling hehe =D I could think about it and smile all day. She told me I didn't change at all and told me to fight against my Dad to live independently. I don't know how to tho, I'm such a coward. You know when I finished visiting my teachers from my primary school and went to this face with Cherry he called and made me go home immediately even though he was going to see his friends too. I hate it.

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