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Friday, November 28, 2008

My uncle and aunt went to shop for my laptop today, I didn't know if they found the right one but I'm so excited T___T it's gonna be great. I've never owned a laptop in my life before. Now I can write whenever I want, and whenever as in in my bed lol, I won't have to fight with Dad and Mum for the comp at weekends either and it'll be easier to do Computer Science homework cos I can take it to school. Above all, it's very personal. My Dad sometimes browses through my files and makes fun of me bcos I listen to Korean music and stuff, and he keeps asking about the stories I write too >_< Anywho I don't think my baby will come to me any soon cos no one is nice enough to offer to bring it to VIetnam, Mum said I had to wait till next Jan or latest March. Then someone will take the laptop and my books and my shoes to me as well. Hurray! Speaking about books, Ann said she wanted to buy me some this week but my Aunt didn't let her cos she thought it was a waste T_____T Grr, like her son's Ipod and cellphone are so essential. I'm so pissed. I ran out of books to read (excluding ebooks). I had to go buy more Marc Levy next week, and some book for Debbie as a Christmas present too. I'm excited!!! We're gon go out together that day and I'll be able to enter a church (not a big deal to you but I'm Buddhist so no churches for me T.T)

I'm starting the one shot for Secret Santa now. It sucks because I don't know where to start. Oh and I just read Strange Bedperson by Jenny Crusie. That woman is the BOMB! Her stories are always sweet and sexy. You cannot but fall in love with the male lead. Last time it was I'm-the-con-man-so-you-won't-be-able-to-resist-me Davy and now it's ihavetomakeyouheadoverheelswithmebuthatemeatthesametime Nick.

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