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ordinary miracle
Friday, November 21, 2008

This is my fantasy upcoming story. I got the plot completed but haven't started it yet. I wanna show off two posters I got to you guys and talk a bit bout the summary.

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by kpopchild

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by i^am^me

So it's basically about a crew filming a blockbuster called Ordinary Miracle - a story based on a rarely known legend in which the twelve most important characters were named after the months. The director is very famous and he's said to be very weird in his way of working. This time proves it right. Instead of choosing famous actors and actresses to join his movie, he decided to gather a bunch of new and young faces, some in America, some in Asia, Europe and whatnot. Julian and Averi are lucky enough to get the main parts of the movie. Their first encounter is very confusing because they mistook their characters' names; Averi got August - a male name and Julian the opposite, so they kinda argue. They also find that the director has set a real odd rules that during the time they're with the crew, they have to address each other by the characters' names. Besides, scenes will be filmed in order no matter what, and they'll only receive parts after parts of the script so no one knows what'll happen next. Of course, they find it strange, but they enjoy this refreshing and mysterious experience nonetheless.

Dramas happen during their process of working together. Julian turns out to be something Averi will call womanizer - he flirts with everyone and is even rumored to sleep with other girls in the cast. She hates him a lot and that effects her performance. Averi gets frustrated when she has to film with him and Julian, being a bastard, seems to love it. Averi struggles not to lose her part in the help of Jarred who has a secret crush on her, but things won't get better until she messes up a kissing scene with Julian and he himself lecturing about how she should get rid of her emotions/hatred towards him and work decently. Averi slowly stops hating Julian and unfortunately, falls in love with him. The two go through a lot to announce their love - which badly hurts Jarred and Akemi - Julian's childhood friend and an also an actress in the movie. What stresses Averi even more that as time goes by, she realizes her how life resembles to the script: how she hates Julian, how she falls in love with him and how she's fooled by Jarred and Akemi. When the movie nearly reaches then end Julian suddenly has an motorbike accident. The doctor says his health is in danger so everyone is extremely worried. At that moment, Rachel, the director's daughter, asks for a private meeting with Averi. She tells Averi that the someone said to her father that the legend has been cursed - ones who play it will get involved in the story themselves - but her father didn't listen, so now, according to what's written, Julian has to die. She says there's only one way to save him and that's Averi coming back to the past through some spell and change the tragic ending herself. So Averi starts her journey into the story, where she has to stop August from pushing July into death. She doesn't know that what's waiting for her isn't an only destined tragedy, but also some shocking truth that will change everything.

Phew, that's so long.

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