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Sunday, November 2, 2008

So Nai sent me her latest piece and here are my thoughts on it:

It was nice. The first four pages seemed so fresh. I love the new feeling you put into this fic. It's different from the ones you've written and I've read so far. Maybe it's just me but your works are always strong and loud (excuse my wording lol) since the beginning. This started softer and calmer, all the sarcasm, hatred, weirdness or whatever were all shown but to a decent extent, which makes it real and pleasant to read; as in there's no rushing or any slight expansion. Well it doesn't make sense but I know you'll get me haha.

The second thing I wanna talk about is the theme. I LOVE SPORTS. Basketball players are hot and basketball matches are just awesome. I wanna know how you express the feelings, the passion and the difficulties they all encounter during this. I've seen gangsters and rappers in your fic, now it's time for me to see real players hey? At first I thought it was about baseball and YMGA scenes crossed my mind, along with this anime called Big Wind-up, now I know it's basketball and I'm even more excited. But hey, are Tekkie and Seung Ri tall enough to join a basketball team? They seem unqualified to me LOL. I'm so mean ain't I? Dissing my baby like that.

So err what's with the relationship between Na In and Wu? They had been together before this match right? Seemed like she had done something to piss him off, or worse, hurt him. Hmm could it be that she hit on some guys on Sleepy's team? (And Sleepy as a name is so O__O lol) Wu totally ignored her, even though his feelings for her were almost obvious haha. I reckon the other guys didn't know what had happened between those two ey? Oh and she worked at a lingerie shop, like you told me the other day, which was fun. Who's Hyun Ja? I don't have any guesswork. Na In is you, Yeon Hee is Tia right? Oh talk about Yeon Hee, her message to Dae Sung is so cute!!! Simple but sweet and strongly show how tight they are. They had stable bond, right?

And yeah, last but not least, what was the matter Seung Ri and that Chang Su guy? They were angry, which could lead to FIGHT!!! My baby is hot when he fights but he'd better not, cos I wanna read bout the match. They can play, then fight, it sounds hotter. I don't know what I'm talking about =.= anywho, it reminded me of one scene in Inbetween The Lines.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I love your fic and you shall not abandon this and start another one because you leave me with a cliffhanger.

Love ya my sister.

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