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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have so many things to talk about right now. It's been a while since I last blog, well, not really, but still a long time to me. I'm so lazy to type hehe. But I just found some energy back so I'm gonna post something before it goes away.

So I changed my skin today ^^ I'm so in love with Nai's that I got one which looks practically the same as hers but in different colour. The original was green, but I edited it to be red *runs from the creator*. You won't mind it, will you, Nai? Looks like we have couple skins lol, no, sisters skins to be exact.

This whole month I'm gonna study something like military service. Don't be scared, it ain't what you think =) in fact, things are quite simple and interesting. All we gotta do is to get a hold of government policies and practice some basic skills in the battle-field. The theory periods are damn boring to be honest, but I have fun practicing. Like today we learned about movements used in fights. We had to crawl, creep, drag our feet, in a weirdly special way of course. My elbows were scratched bcos of the crawling one, some of the girls in my group even bled T.T but I don't think they minded at all. We knew how to do a lot of stuff now, including joining parts of a gun. Amber knows how to use AK rifle, so don't mess with her LOL. Oh and I like the teachers too, some are so damn funny. The one who taught formation and line-up was always like "brighten your face but do not smile" but he himself smiled dorkily all the time, and this one who was in charge of training us this morning was so talkative and silly. Man, it'd better be fun like this all month bcos I hate the place that they chose for us to study, that park sucks like hell >_< all muddy and dark.

I talked to Nai these days and she brought me such precious inspiration for my writing, it was like I wanted to finish every story I left undone : ) I think I'm gonna slow down Some Kind Of Art progress and start to rewrite Pour Me Some Love, then the bdae fic for Debbie. "Best friends in love theme" is back<333 Doncha just dig it? I do, I'mma put some zoo scenes in it too. I love the zoo!!!

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