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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Those people in this country are all crazy, from the youngs to the olds, from the highly educated citizens to poorly informed ones. They don't know what they are doing to the environment anymore. Seems like polluting it has become an essential part of their lives, something they unconsciously do and won't be able to get rid of.

I don't know how many countries in the world that have people peeing all the way around, but Vietnam is surely one of them. These sickening men answer the call of nature anywhere they go: the streets, the parks, the garages, even your house's exterior walls. They do it shamelessly, and some, if drunk enough, never bother to look around...I have once seen a young guy peeing right in front of a bunch of girls and then proudly doing his zipper, turning to us and grin like an innocent... when will this ever stop? I don't even know. I feel so stupid and ashamed to reveal such a thing but it's the truth, and it pisses me off to the max.

Not only Vietnamese polluting their environment, they also allow foreigners to commit this so called crime as well. The government could say a bunch of bullshit about Vedan Corp. being so secretive about dumping their waste into Thi Vai river but no one sane would buy it. Like after more than damn 10 yrs, not a soul will realize what's happening to the air, the fish, the trees, the water? Just that you greedy authorities are to blinded by the money they've been bribed to even see how if affected people's lives, well, not until the press came the picture and let on the disgusting secret. Now they blamed everything on Vedan and they, being as great as they are, encouraging everyone not to buy Vedan products to protect the environment. Laugh my asses of for these high and mighty people.

Now talk about ordinary people and their seemingly oh-so-safe habits. I believe that we all know plastic stuff can not be destroyed and is dangerous to the environment but yrs by yrs we here still use it because it's so popular that no one has the heart to abandon such a useful material. I understand why, but they overuse it so much. Last month I went to the super market with Debbie (I don't go there often cos Mum usually buys food at small markets) and saw people at the vegetables section happily taking free plastic bags and most of them took more than needed. Some told me they could not put all the kinds of vegetables into one bag, but tell me, why use a HUGE bag to carry ONE potato? And then, it's obvious, they will soon throw the bags away as soon as they get home. Use the PAPER bags please, or at least, cut down on the plastic ones! I don't think it's that hard to do.

There have recently been a lot of environmental campaigns and many and many are nice enough to join them. But, sadly, none of them are really heartily about this. We can spot a lot of teens on the streets wearing shirts with slogans as I<3 myearth, I<3mycity, I'magreeaners or bags with cute messages but they're also ones who scatter refuses around >_< So what on earth are you wearing those for? So stupid...there're even plastics bags with I'm not a plastic bag printed on it. So sad, so sad. Sometimes doing such a simple thing like putting refuses onto a waste baskets is considered weird because everyone else just conveniently throw them around. Last weekend I was looking for a place to dump my bread wrapper and Hien was like "why? you're so crazy walking a long distance just to do it, throw it here". Ha, so that's the modern teenager; smart, positive and active?

I really hope we'll do it together to keep our countries and the whole world green. Well, firstly, for our children to sit on a load shit of garbage to learn military like I do .

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