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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sounds familiar? No doubt, for this is the title of the book which was turned into the somewhat famous movie Just Like Heaven. Have you ever watched it? If you have, it's cool, if not yet, I suggest you read the book instead. Why? Bcos the screen production was so different from the original, and I can guarantee that the author Marc Levy is a genius ; D. I really love to read from him; he's an architect yet he writes and writes about love. True, pure, beautiful love. Love that wins every damn single war in this universe, even against the greatest beings. I was appealed to this book La Prochaine Fois last week when Trang and Truc were talking about it during one break on my military classes, you know, it was about something fanatasy, and fantasy was never old. So I asked to borrow it and now I'm glad I did. It was simply magical, the lead characters had to go through so much pain and difficulties to recognize each other, fall in love with each other and to stay together, but despite how many lives it took, they never gave up. I esp liked this part when they said if you had one unfulfilled promise with your love in this live, you two would surely meet again in the next one. So come and make a vow to your special person =D. And then there was Sept jours pour un éternité which was even more interesting. The story was about a fight between the Good and the Evil, or more exactly, between their representatives. An angel and a devil in love, not so surprising but neither so typical. I really dig the way he elaborated how different they were from each other, because they were like, at the other side of everythings. It makes love even more amazing, like, when you're in love, you'll try your best to feel belonged with him/her, but you won't ever lose yourself. The best part must be Lucas' confession to Zophia. He was like "I love you. I miss you all the time, I feel you everywhere I go blah blah blah" then he went on "you know, I didn't think I could say such things, as these words didn't belong to my world". So freaking awesome!!!

I think I'm gonna read the rest of his books and decide which to buy soon. If only they would translate these to English. I cannot read in French, and Vietnamese versions seemed weird sometimes =.=

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