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Monday, October 6, 2008

happy birthday sophia unnie!!!

Don't ya just love the big text? hehe iIm so retarded but it looks so great as a bdae title.
So how's the big day going for you? I hope it's been great so far cos this occasion is really really really special ^^ well, I really suck at birthday wishes (you know, I'm always repeating the same things to diff people) so I'm just gon write how I feel about you okay?

You're a really good sister unnie : ) You taught me a lot of things I don't know, from the slangs to the music, from how to deal with uncool people to getting over problems in life. Although sometimes you're really strict and overprotective over us, I'm glad to have you as someone who will guide me and help me out. There were times I was seriously down, then I talked to you, just a few minutes, and all left was relief and happiness. You showed me how to be independent, how to be strong; you encouraged me to do better in everything even though I wanted to give up.

To tell the truth, my first impression of you wasn't that good. Maybe it was because I was so timid and anti-social that I jumped to the conclusion that you were so damn scary. but I was completely wrong. You were anything but scary, well, at least to me. Our first conversation turned out so fun and comfortable. I still remembered how you said my name was cute and that my mum was so cool to name me differently from others, and I still remembered how I squealed when you told me your long beautiful name as well ^^

I had good times being with you unnie, maybe sometimes you make me feel upset, but you're still one of my bestfriends. You indulged me so much TT___TT I couldn't be more spoilt during all these years. I love all your presents you bought me, I'm really thankful for them. You couldn't imagine how I drooled over the tshirts and the DVD LOL.

I'm sorry I cannot write a longer entry cos my mind has gone blank now. But all I want you to know is that you mean a lot to me and I always love you no matter what.

Once again, happy birthday my love<3

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