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Sunday, September 7, 2008

First day of school tomorrow T.T

I don't really think about it but as it's coming close I'm more scared. I don't know what they'll teach me tomorrow, but 45-min journey from home to school is a real turn off, like damn, what can I do with more than half an hour sitting behind my dad on his motorbike? Ughhh I really hate this.

Today is the last day of my break so I tried to make good use of it. I was supposed to wake up early, but ended up sleeping two more hours than usual >_< Well, at least I didn't take my afternoon nap. I had a chance to finish ANTM cycle 07 and skimming through cycle 06. It was great, I love all the photoshoots, esp the celeb couple and jungle thing. And judges were absolutely hilarious, my fav is Nigel, he was so professional, laid back and sexy hahaha. Above all, it is also my way of improving my listening skills too. I think I got like 80% of what they said, it was good hey? I hope the exam next sunday won't be harder than this or else I'm SCREWED. Anywho I couldn't watch more cos Dad needed to comp to search for music and look at today news, so i went to read. I was done with Jenny Crusie's Faking It today. That was nice. I love what JC writes, very funny, witty and sexy. Though she uses big words (cos she's a literature teacher) I can get the whole thing without scanning the dictionary. The characters were the bombs. You gotta love Tilda and Davy's witness and humor ^^ I like how she bickered at him all the time and he did his awesome comebacks. The end was predictable but still surprising, I didn't see some coming: like Tilda's mother was Homer, Ford was a real FIB and Mason was completely broke. My fav part was the one when Tilda asked if Davy was gonna leave her to Ox and he said no and then she told him to tell her he was and when he did, she let him enter a room which was mural-painted with scenes of Ox. I think it's real cute.

The evening was nothing much. I was to write some more of Ragdoll, but instead i made a poster. I don't think it was that good, but it looks nice to me (is this self-compliment? =.=)

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