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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dedicated to books!!!!!

I finished The Truth About Forever two days ago, and let me tell you, it's awesome. I love Sarah Dessen's style. Her writting is really laid back, but it's not boring, on the contrasty, I couldn't close the file even at the few first pages she just talked about nothing but mourning. I especially adore how she depicted pain in such a way, truthful and lively, sad but not depressing. During the time I read it felt like listening to Yiruma, a weird comparison I know, but it's true, because it seemed sad and at times it made your heart lighter. When I searched on amazon.cm and found the summary, I was not really excited about reading this, actually This Lullaby sounded more delicious, more to my taste. But mang, this is so good. I guess the storyline is nothing new: grief and the progress of getting out it. It was how Sarah Dessen portrayed it through a teenager's POV that caused it success. Top 10 teen fiction or something like that, right? So, basically Macy's father suddenly passed away this one morning due to heart attack, the same morning she waved him off saying that she wouldn't run with him like always becos she was sleepy. Thinking it was partially her fault, and, not wanting to cause her family more grief, she decided to stay calm and collected, not even shred a tear at the funeral. Macy denied the fact that her great loss pained her so much by hiding it all inside and tried to make herself feel safe with an organized life: with a bottomed up mother who suffered the same thing as Macy, who always drowned herself into work so there was no time to think about her dead husband; a so-called perfect boyfriend Jason, to whom a simple "I love you" as an closing of an email meant he indulged his girl so much that she has become so clingy; and evenings that only contained ironing clothes and studying for SATs. Macy lived her fake life like that until she ran into the catering crew, where she learnt to open up again and realized what life really was, what true love meant, and the truth about forever was it's how you want it to be. I love how Macy fell in love with Wes. Maybe I read so many fanfics where the guy/girl was head over heels with each other just after a few meets that this case turned out to be different. Despite the fact that Wes had gone through what Macy experienced: parent loss, they didn't click away. She was shy and he wasn't the kind who was curious. But Sarah Dessen found a way for them to connect, and it was The Truth Game. The time when they played it was the best of the book, I mean, they talked about serious thing, still, their dialogue didn't lack humor or whatnot. Wes had his own way to confess his love to Macy too, very creative and lovely: a sculpture of angel and halo with wings. My heart was really thrilled when Caroline asked why it was the only which got wings and Macy simply answered "So that she could fly." because finally she knew how much he loved her. Cute hey? And did I mention that he bought her a pencil that smelled like syrup to make up for his scaring her, though not on purpose? I thought it was really sweet. I like Wes, not just for he was hot, but also for what he did: he didn't mind talking bout his awful past life, he was always by his crazy brother's side and he loved girls with flaws. God, I think I cannot hate any of the characters in this book, except Jason cos he's somehow like a jerk >_< Well, read on, and you'll find the truth about forever. Hm, why does this sound so much like an ad? O.O

Okay so moving on to Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot. I'm not a fan of Princess Diaries but since there're free ebooks, I gave it a try. Something totally different from The Truth About Forver, it was very funny and crazy. My first impression of the main girl was she was a bitch, liar and betrayer. I wasn't being harsh, she was really a bitch. And her name was...Katie, right, Katie. She had a close friend called Tommy who once dared stand up to Quahogs - a bunch of football players who thought they were gods because the whole town worshiped them, which, our lead character, though having her boyfriend Seth as a famous Quahog, secretly didn't. After what Tommy did, he was outcast by practically the whole town and Katie, as coward as she was, betrayed him by ignoring him as well. So he moved out. Four years later he came back only to find Katie two timing and running for Quahogs princess. Katie thought her life was over because she assumed he was back to get his revenge. Then, surprisingly, he was the one to help her get rid of those bad habits, all resulted from her scare of making mistakes and looking bad in front of people. And what happened next? You already knew ^^ At first I didn't dig this much, but as I read on things were getting interesting. I love it the most when Katie made herself clear at the pageant, letting people know who she was what was she actually hid from the whole world but Tommy.

I'll write more next time. Just wait until I have This lullaby and I'll babble until you get sick of it haha. Oh and, I dreamed of Khai last night, we did talk, but all we talked about was his study and girlfriend. But he did smile to me, so I'm okay ^_^

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